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Forums > Living in Kunming > Coloradans and guns

Hello, friends. What I now type may be seen as inflammatory and narrow minded, but I sincerely implore the moderators not to remove my thread.

1. First off, Batman is hands down the greatest super hero, for his only super power is super money. Batman Begins is by far the best movie in the saga. When Heath Ledger faked his death (a la 2Pac), the spirit of The Joker possessed the body of a young Coloradan and wrought havoc. I still haven't seen The Dark Knight Rises so please no spoilers.

2. Srsly Colorado. I can distinctly remember 3 shootings in America, Columbine, Virginia Tech... and... Batman?? rly? Titanic would have been a better choice.

3. I have great respect for vegetarians, and to a lesser extent vegans. I have no respect for omnivores that eat meat daily and yet have never taken the life of animal they eat. You miss out on a natural human experience if you never see the agony of an animal when you take the life out of a magnificent creature and turn it into something delicious. So if you eat meat and have never killed an animal you've eaten, your argument is moot.

4. I am not a proud American. I'm a proud Montanan. According to Wiktionary, a state is any sovereign polity, which is 差不多 synonymous with nation. A province is not on the same level with nation or state. The EU is a fledgling example of a conglomeration of states. Article VI section 13 of the Montana constitution states as follows.

"MILITIA. (1) The governor is commander-in-chief of the militia forces of the state, except when they are in the actual service of the United States. He may call out any part or all of the forces to aid in the execution of the laws, suppress insurrection, repel invasion, or protect life and property in natural disasters.
(2) The militia forces shall consist of all able-bodied citizens of the state except those exempted by law.

I am a proud and obliged member of the Montana Militia, and when the federal government is wrong I am not opposed to relinquishing them of their control over my beautiful home.

5. I think we are all missing the issue at hand though. The apocalypse is nigh upon us, and when the zombies come, where do you want to be. China or America?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Where to buy a bassoon...

a bassoon is very subject to heat and cold, since it's made out of wood. Since most airplane cargo bays are subject to temperatures reaching -30 degrees, this certainly disturbs the quality of the timbre. And they won't let you carry one on an airplane. I'm looking for the shitty chinese one's people in America buy but for a more Chinese price. Thank you for all your help

Forums > Living in Kunming > Where to buy a bassoon...

I am a bassoonist looking to pick one up in China, the problem being that on Taobao they almost always are least 5000 , where in America on eBay we buy cheap chinese bassons for $500, more like 3000. Is there anyplace in Kunming that specialized in woodwinds or would know where I can find a cheap one?


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Sewer oil? What does that even mean? How can you collect the oil from sewers, who would even do that. But my question is if the oil is beinig bleach and deoderized what chemicals are being ingested when I eat it? Im not a health nut, I smoke cigarrettes, but what OTHER carcinogens entering my system could be harmful?


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