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Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming streets' name in English

Thank you, that was unbelievably helpful. I always had problems navigating in kunming, but since you posted this everything went much smoother. Thank you for your enormous contribution. Tomorrow I will be heading for dali, can you maybe translate some major street names for me.


Forums > Travel Yunnan > Need advice on travel from HK

I just checked ctrip. Flights from Shenzhen are ranging from 700-800 in the beginning of August and drop as low as 440 kuai in the end of August. So I don't understand where you got the 200 pounds plus flights from.

Forums > Food & Drink > Western Food Catering

Hi justalex, I am not an establishment:), but i have been working in the catering business for quite some time. If you or the company you deal with need any help, let me know..

Forums > Living in Kunming > Racquetball or squash in Kunming?

You can find a squashcourt next to Kunming stadium. The court however is terribly fast due to the weird floor, but it's ok if you are not too picky.. I will be there on Sundays, hope to meet you one day..


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