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Forums > Living in Kunming > why you still live in Kunming

I don't!

I moved to Fuxian Lake nearby .. close enough to pop up for a weekend now and then, but far enough that many of the old charms of Kunming are still available (mountains in the distance at every street corner, no traffic, great nature nearby, the joy of shopping at overflowing vegetable markets).

Forums > Food & Drink > Arabic food

There used to be an Israeli-run kebab place around Kundu. Later another Israeli woman did some similar food in one of the bars there. But that was years ago ... all gone now. The cheapest way to get your fix would be to fly to Bangkok on Air Asia and rock up to Soi Arab (Soi 3) on Sukhumvit Rd. around Nana station. Best place there as recommended by Arab locals and well tested by myself is

Forums > Food & Drink > Yunnan goat cheese?

Tommann is right, everyone else is nuts. It's bloody everywhere. Just ask for 'rubing' in a market and they'll show you which stall has it.


No results found.


Wow, I thought this was a picture of the fake boats in northern Dianchi (shallow part, between Xishan and Daguanlou Gongyuan) but in fact apparently someone manufactured a bunch of these little square-riggers for the south of the lake (晋宁县沙堤村码头), and they are actually in use! I would be super keen to go check them out. Probably it's a good season, since fishing is over, it's still warm before the winter, the boats are idle, so we should be able to have a sail. I've never sailed a square-rigger, they are apparently very difficult to turn. See Wikipedia for background:

Anyone interested in a trip this weekend? tigertiger?

Yes I also had doubts about that. (For example there were extensive such formations in New Zealand in the past, though many were destroyed by volcanic activity.) Otherwise, great article as always Jim! The forest above Baishuitai is amazing, if you have the time spend a day climbing in mushroom season: you won't regret it.

Right. The shorter/'real'/'high' hump route from which the name derives was to upper Assam / Dinjan over the Kachin lands. Mandalay seems close to flying the second half of the longer/'low' hump route from Calcutta. Sad they couldn't make this happen. Maybe the China connection was a bit bureaucratically touchy in India, where communist era China marched an army!



@nailer is being unfairly dismissed: they are certainly fallible. At one point they were well managed and the only game in town, and their outdoor bar had an interesting social vibe. Recently, none of these is the case (was given a bad bill to the tune of ~300% - no managers present and a subsequent complaint resulted in a less than ideal outcome, many more places are now open, and the outdoor bar is closed). Unless you are specifically seeking faux-Americana (often far better examples elsewhere) or two degrees removed faux-Mexicana, there's little reason to go there. How come French Cafe can serve a great sandwich for 24 but Sals requires 50 for a pretend-exoticized nibble? Certainly the business will continue, but the hey-dey is clearly gone. Romaniticizing the past aint gonna help. E-waste recycling by shipping (non carbon neutral) junk across the country? Puh-lease. Garbage processing people here recycle anyway! I applaud the ethical stance of one of the managers, but the place has frankly lost its mojo.


Hands down the best draft craft beer in Kunming. On top of that, very reasonable prices for food and other drinks (especially wine).


Called the number provided on a Friday at 2:15PM while a 10% discount was advertised "on Friday and Saturday" (listed in GoKunming specials).

A Chinese person answered the 'English' phone number in Mandarin then explained in broken English that you need to order 3 hours in advance. (Subtext: As their business is so slow)

Grumble. False advertising. Waste of time. Seems 100% Chinese run. Probably bad pizza.


The listing here is wrong! Teresa's are not defunct, they are just back to being one store instead of two stores on Wenlinjie now! They are still in business, still answer on this phone number, and are still delivering! Points for consistency, it's been years! As of right now, it's 68 for the more toppings vegetarian at the largest size. They will do thin or thick crust. Yes, it's not to everyone's taste, but I always used to find adding dried chilli powder and some extra salt brought it up to tasty. Might go for a dash of Sichuan pepper oil to spice it up this time around. (You know you've been in China too long when...)