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Yeah, a few points are holding Kunming back.
- lack of functional public transportation
- Architectural progression (aesthetics over functionality)

- Gaps in speaking English (most people in KM hardly speak English)

Whenever I speak to locals (in Chinese) about going abroad or having
been abroad they say that they're not interested in visiting foreign countries, because they can't speak English.

As an English teacher I often see that parents want their kids to speak English, often the pressure at the public schools is so high though, that the kids eventually quit studying English, due to a lack of time. Some kids do learn English properly, but they're still a great minority.

Thanks for the informal report. I live right next to the Lotus park.
Sometimes I do get a spooky feeling there, maybe its dark history hasn't

vanished entirely. It still remains one of the prettiest parks in Kunming though.



Convenient. If you come from the north, it's 100m to the right from Mc Donald's. Ren Ming zhong rd. No.32, China Everbright bld. Backside 3.Fl.

The official prices seem 788 a year or
598 for 6 months.

It's got bikes, running machines, loads of weight lifting stuff and a tiny sauna. Nothing fancy, but a good deal for the money.