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you need to fix the FAT table and/or the boot sector. This may or may not be possible, depending on what really happened to your hdd. If the controller went bust, there's little chance of every finding anything back. Is it an SSD (solid state drive) or a plain old platter drive?


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I intentionally crashed my e-bike into the side of a car that pulled up without looking onto the bike lane. Then I showered him with expletives. Also slapped the hood of a few cars on Xuefu lu that were in the bike lane and trying to get past the little bus stop. It may not help but it feels so sweet.

Some day I want to be brave enough like that foreigner in Beijing who just stopped his bike in front of a car in the bike lane and forced the driver to reverse out.

Slamming your hand on the hood is an effective method to deal with pricks in expensive cars. It makes them so furious but there's no way they can catch you as you slip away like an eel among the shoal of two-wheelers.

No there isn't. You'd have to cross the border by yourself and then you can get a bus to Sapa. There are many options from official buses to mianbaoche equivalents. The ride is about 30 km up a hill so I'm guessing anything between 30 min and 1 hr to get to Sa Pa.



With excellent food, that hardly ever gives me the shits, friendly and happy staff, a good location, and a nice mix of foreigners and locals, Salvador's is one of the places I keep coming back to if I don't know what to get, if I want to meet some old and new people or if I want to have a good beer. It could do with some variation in the menu though since I've pretty much had every dish a couple of times now.

I'm not a believer when it comes to organic food (especially not in China) but I guess it doesn't hurt me and the prices are reasonable nevertheless.