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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Vietnamese visa at Hekou

Is it still possible for foreigners to obtain a Vietnamese visa at Hekou? What's the price, what's the duration and what's the delivery time?


Forums > Living in Kunming > receive money in a chinese bank account


I'm looking for a way to wire money from EU/US countries into a Chinese bank account. Also, is it possible to wire money back to them?

Which banks can I use, what will it cost, what's the typical processing time, how do I get my IBAN/BIC number (if such a thing applies) etc.?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Army surplus store

Beijing lu's east side, north of Yuantong daqiao and south of the north train station, is lined with the things. You can even get a nice army surplus garden chair.

Forums > Living in Kunming > How much do interpreters make?

I am a professional translator and charge €35 per hour when I work for agencies and €50 when directly for the client. That makes €400 on a standard working day. Obviously, an interpreter (who will have to move, arrange his time schedule ...) will make more money. A simultaneous interpreter making $800 a day sounds about right.

You may think this is an awful lot of money for a totally free job. But do not forget that most of us are freelance, pay up to 50% tax on income, do not get full-time equivalent work, have to buy our own insurance, and may take years to build up a translation business that generates enough money to make a living off.


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Thanks for the info, I'll definitely go and pay it a visit. However with this kind of articles I've come to expect information such as opening hours. Here they are now:

Tuesday to Sunday from 9 to 17h, but they stop admitting visitors from 16:30.

Closed on Mondays (except for bank holidays).

Might go, might go, but the whole accommodation insecurity bothers me. Can I pitch my own tent down? Is there parking if you come with a private vehicle?

Finally I'll let the weather decide. Summer's not known for being kind.

sounds like some sort of pump is in order. Or better agricultural practices to hedge against the inevitable consequences of climate change, to help mitigate it and to protect the highlands that are so essential to our water.

Futures trading was invented as a hedge for those producing the resources. E.g. as a rubber farmer, you would be guaranteed a price for your rubber if you had a future contract with a buyer. The buyer bets that not only does he obtain the product, but he also gets it for the price he was willing to pay and is in modern times of course betting that the market price will be higher than what the future contract stipulates.



I stayed here in the early days of March 2013. Dave and his wife are swell owners, the staff attentive, the food good, rooms in perfect order, WiFi fast enough... Much like the old hump, the entire place is an excellent place to relax and make friends. And that is what you come to do in Dali, after all. The location is a bit isolated from the old town, but nothing is really far away in Dali. Besides, it makes for a better starting point to walk up Cangshan.


On my cycling tour through Yunnan into South-East-Asia, I've stopped regularly at Mei Mei for a bit and a lot of drinks.

The service is friendly, the location is great and the prices are reasonable. I'm over the moon about their brownies (served with ice cream) and coffee. Though I've not had everything on the menu, I was pretty impressed with the dishes I ordered.

Don't bother with Mekong café. Mei Mei is as good a place to rest, at night or in the afternoon and has the better food.


This was my first stop in Jinghong when I was cycling down south. I was hungry and in need of calories, so I ordered up the biggest burger on the menu: the imperial with added cheese.

I was sorely disappointed to see the sad pile of gooey beef and bread arrive, covered in half-melted cheese and not much bigger than two McDonald's cheeseburgers stacked on top of each other.

The best thing about this place are tourist informations, for everything else I suggest Meimei nextdoor or Wangtianshu a bit further in town.


I couldn't be happier to have found this place on my cycling ride from Kunming into South-East-Asia. It's location is quiet, the staff are friendly and the beer is cold.

But most of all, I got my calories replenished with great food. And when I say great, I mean awesome. Hungry as a wolf, I ate more than 15 of their dishes in five day's time and kept coming back for more. Their bread and sandwiches are as good as back home and that means something coming from a Belgian. Their pizzas have excellent crust and filling, the spaghetti tastes like it should.

I tried to find their weak spot so I ordered up a Chinese dish a couple of times, but the tender pork meatballs with cabbage and the spicy pork rolls were almost orgasmic. As for desserts, the chocolate cake is good, but the cheese cake is divine. Wow!

Their specials are served in an optically pleasing way but were a little on the small side. Upon informing the owner, though, he ordered the amount of meat and ingredients to be increased.

This bakery-turned-restaurant obviously has its money on quality and quality it delivers. I hope the good reviews that this place has duly merited are no reason for it to slack.

I will definitely be back.


Good noodles (well perhaps most Chinese places can pull off a Chinese dish properly). Excellent selection of beer, including my favourite Orval. Beer is chilled to the right temperature indicated on the label. Friendly and good-smiling staff. Fair-priced. Terrace in the sun.

Only complaint? Not enough matching glasses to serve those delicious beers in. See, if that's the only complaint, it's a 5-star review!

Why can't other places be as good?