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Forums > Living in Kunming > Freezing Foreign Accounts ?

I went to CCB this morning, they'd never heard of it, said no problem. Good, because that's where my salary ends up.

Then I went to CMB and they seemed to know about "二代身份证明". They said my account didn't need it but they put my driver's licence on file anyway because it would make matters more convenient for me in the future.

I guess that foreigners may lose/change their passports some time and then get locked out of their accounts for good, and this is a way to mitigate this. But freezing their accounts if they fail to provide secondary ID is a bit harsh. I'm curious to find out more about this whole thing.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Yunnan motorbike to Vietnam


I'm intending to ride my 250cc motorbike with A licence plate to Vietnam, over the Hekou friendship bridge. What papers will I need?

I tried to search it on Baidu but the material I was able to find was very unsatisfactory. Some say you just need your vehicle papers, others say just a Vietnamese visa... But I've heard rumours that it's actually much harder than that.

Can anyone bring clarity?


No results found.


If you crossed Central Asia during summer, I think a luggage this size would be enough for the essentials.

Luggage does not increase with distance. Once you have a tent, sleeping and cooking gear, a change of clothes and some tools, that's it.

Many long-distance riders like to add extra panniers to the front wheel in order to balance their bikes, but with good material and careful planning, this isn't necessary.

A bigger problem is food and water, but you could lose this extra ballast once you're past the barren areas.

So that's:
Official: "Yunnan will have two bullet trains by 2016"
Official: Yunnan will have two bullet trains by 2016


4G/3G connections are possible at high speeds. It all depends on the handover when you move from beacon to beacon. Some providers are particularly bad at it, others better. I remember that I had no problem using mobile internet riding high-speed trains in Germany with Deutsche Telekom, but with O2, the connection would always drop.

Streaming movies over Wifi is very unlikely. Takes up way too much bandwidth and most people who bring their computer will have their own movie collection.

Because they have no idea where they put them. That's the deal with mines, military don't seem to keep track of where exactly every mine is positioned, especially as some of them are moved around by landslides or other factors.

cloudtrapezer you're just saying something. China is actually one of the few countries to enforce a pretty strict wildlife protection policy. Banna is one of the few places where elephant populations are growing instead of dwindling because of this policy, much in contrast with other Asian regions.



First and last experience. Absolutely horrible. I came in late with a big flesh wound. The doctor sewed it up and told me to come back in the morning "perhaps to redo it, and to change the bandage". When I did come back the next morning, they just changed the bandage and sent me off.

When I peeked at my own wound, I noticed it was horribly done. "Like a vet did the stitches," as someone commented. I then had to stay a night in a different hospital in order to do it right, with a 40% chance of getting infections. This cost me a lot more, thanks to Richland fucking up in the beginning.

Whatever X-rays were taken were not printed out and given to me so I couldn't go to another hospital for a second opinion or treatment.

The nurses didn't seem to know where half the things were and the doctors had to repeat orders to get basic things like scissors.

In the next hospital, it was noticed that I had fractured my jaw in two places. On the five X-Rays taken at Richland, they did not notice the fractures.

Pretty sure these people are not actual doctors and are therefore criminal.


Super place. Really cool interior, lots of good beers and drinks, fun toilet inside the telephone booth, and an interesting clientele.

Cons: pretty hard to find, no matching glasses for the imported beers, and home brews need some work.


Great central location. Same great drinks, same great food. Admittedly, the terrace isn't much to write home about - I think it never intended to be and the Chengguan are basically making terrace seating impossible.

I find the staff very helpful, sweet, engaging, intelligent, and mischievous to the point where it's an entertaining contribution to a really fun bar. True, there are some new hands who still need some training but in general I have nothing but praise for this great bar, its owners and staff.

The playlist may need a little review, though, but this is reflecting comments from others more than my own feelings.


Teaching and support lamentable.

Four people signed up for the highest-level class and got a teacher who does all the talking, refers to herself as 老师 and makes classes absolutely uninteresting. As of this moment, only 1 person is still going on a regular basis.

While staff is friendly, they are absolutely incapable to help out with visa matters in an adequate way. Lack of information beforehand, lack of support and lack of information during the visa process meant that I am waiting forever for my residence permit to be processed, without any information about why it's taking so long, why they can't get started ... I'd say this school is a good option if all you wanted is a visa, but they can't even handle this properly.

Anyone giving this school a 5-star rating hasn't been to any decently-run schools in Kunming, such as Keats'. The only redeeming quality is facilities and space, those are indeed excellent.


Have been studying at Keats for almost four semesters now and I'm very enthusiastic about the quality of the teachers and the commitment of the school's staff.

One point of criticism is that I think they could put in some effort to group people of the same level together, rather than base it on who was together in last semester's class.