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Forums > Living in Kunming > never ever work for this school in Jinghong, Xishuangbanna

"If you want to take this job, make them put EVERYTHING in WRITING with their seal to notorize it BEFORE you move there, otherwise they will deny any such verbal agreements they may make with you!"

ummm, so you didn't bother to put it in writing? even after teachin'
in china for four years? and knowing that a verbal agreement is
worth the paper it be written on? and you moved on the basis
of this without even bothering to visit the school? a whole
seven hours away by bus? i'm shocked!

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Kunming-Jinghong-Mengla-Chiangmai overland?

found it..............

hi all, no problems at all with the buses. took just under 48 hours chiang mai to kunming. travel was last friday and saturday (june 6&7)

for those heading back to thailand, go to the bus station a couple hundred meters north of the main station in kunming on beijing lu. there you catch the C71 minibus directly to the new bus station about 20km outside of town for 4 rmb. there you can catch one of many buses to jinghong for 197 rmb. if you take a sleeper bus you can arrive at the bus station in time to buy a ticket for the bus to laos.

from jinghong there is a once daily direct bus to huay xai. it leaves at 6:40 am daily except for sunday. cost is 120 rmb. (there are other buses to the border or possibly to luang namtha although i have not this information.)

in huay xai, you need to catch a taxi or tuktuk into town. should cost around 10,000 kip. or you could walk the 2-3km if you so desire.

down the ramp to immigration, on the right side is namkhong travel. they'll get you to chiang mai for 400 baht. this includes the ferry crossing and a taxi to their guesthouse in chiang khong from where the minivan to chiang mai leaves. departures at 10am and 5pm.

for those heading in the opposite direction, friendship guesthouse in huay xai (basic room 40,000 kip) will sell you a bus ticket to jinghong for 700 baht, and get you dropped off at the bus station at 7am. (you must have a china visa as no voa for china.)

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Kunming-Jinghong-Mengla-Chiangmai overland?

howdy, i did this exact trip last year in reverse. chiang mai
to chaing khong by minivan, vip bus from huay xay to jinghong,
sleeper from jinghong to kunming. returned same route.

if you check the old posts, i believe i posted the details, to
include costs and time schedules. if you can't find it here, you

can search the lonely planet forums to find my other post.


i'm away from my notes now so can't give details. it was time-
consuming — you'll only have 4-1/2 days to spend in CM — but
you'll save heaps over flying.


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