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This is the first time I've reviewed a restaurant but felt compelled to after my visit to the buffet at 'My Favor' tonight. I saw the buffet advertised on the events calender and then read the reviews posted below and thought I'd definitely have to check it out. Well to be completely honest, I was really disappointed. The reviews below were nothing but praise so maybe I had my hopes up abit but honestly was not really worth the money. Here are my complaints:

1. The whole time we were there at least 75% of the dishes were completely empty or just had some scraps(and we were there for over an hour).

2. Alot of the dishes mentioned in the other reviews were absent and as for the 'Dreyers' ice-cream, well instead we were offered a single scoop of either vanilla,chocolate, or strawberry Peters ice cream.

3. I was looking forward to at least trying the carved beef but it seriously WAS NOT cooked properly. Like in the center of the meat pieces it was completely raw and the rest was pink. The guy still carved it up and served it to me and when I looked at him and tried to point out that it obviously was not cooked properly he just stared at me in confusement.

Overall, again I'm really disappointed and definitely won't be going back.