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Very dispointed by the place !
I was only few days in town, and i tried the restaurents or bars that is often talked about on gokunming !
I feel like owners probably write themselves a lot of reviews, or their good friends ! The box, according to severals reviews is the best place in the city. If so, in that case, kunming has no good western food, because i agree with the last post. No kebabs, and i could add narrow, wait too long to get your "average" pizza.
And beers are more expensive than in other bars (i went to the gamecafe where the same beerlao was much cheaper : 200m between these bars).
My general impression was expensive and a place who lives on his reputation. I don't live here, but i wanted to post this comment to advice other tourists to choose maybe another restaurant !!
"toto" - Vive la belgique unie !-


The food was good, and nice indian features ! Not too expensive :)

Good choice for indian food in town !


Good atmosphere, and close late !
Long to get your stuff but nice place :)
Maybe just a bit too smoky :(


- Food : more and less ok

...but i dont think i was in china !

overloaded by foreigners :(


Went there to try last week,

Why only one star !?!

- The waiters were not nice, lazy (one was sleeping on the bar !!), constantly playing with their cell-phones instead of helping us, also the smoke we got in our face came from them !

Small place = maybe the fuwuyuan shouldn't add more smoke :(

- Food :

We ask for pancake : NO

for Lasagna : NO

For fries : NO (terrible for someone who comes from belgium like me !!)

for some pasta : NO

- or they said yes, but without cheese and no beef !

For quiches : NO

So we ask if the manager could just tell us if they HAVE food ?!?

..No manager, only waiters who do not speak english. they said that they only have pizzas ...

Ok For Pizza : ah !! finally !!

I got mine pretty fast ;

But unfortunetly we finished our game when my friend got his pizza !

The cheese pizza was good :)

The ham pizza was average because only stuffed in the middle.

- Game :

Games are good, it's why i give at least one star.

However, and sorry but waiters without english couldn't help us to learn a game. And actually, i figured it out that they dont know how to play a big third of their games :(

I'm a tourist, only few days in kunming so i dont care, but i wont recommend the place for food !

Otherwise, a game cafe is a good idea.

To finish with something positif, i would say that the main problem is the kitchen logistic and it's organization, and definitely someone in a shop to manage the waiters !

No manager on week-ends days, it shows a certain lack of serious :(

i'll try again if i come back in kunming (i live in XiAn)...

...and by that time, i hope this Gamebar will solve his employees problems (Where is the Manager !?!)

"Toto" -Vive la belgique unie !!!-