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It's called Ah Bohs

Go here- cross the road (over the little bridge).

Room 903 of Kunming News Center, Danxia Road, Kunming, Yunnan, China

You will see an old street. Walk down the middle until you come to a road within old street. Turn Right until you see a food place (lots of food places cant miss it) go down 'Foreign Foods street'. There's Ah Bohs with English signage and friendly faces.

Not a huge menu but its good. and BEST mango drinks ever, super thick and tasty with real mangos. Only 8rmb

Forums > Living in Kunming > Belly Dancing

I also want to continue learning belly dancing!! Let me know if you find a place. I studied for a year before and loved it


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What's with the waitresses?! We had a bunch of young people from various countries sitting at the table, perhaps they thought we couldn't understand them, but they said;

"I'm just going to put these drinks on the table, I don't care if it's yours or not."

Obviously they got embarrassed once they realised we understood them.

Also, they looked very angry the whole time, and never smiled. In fact, she scowled at me for some reason when I asked if the dish was spicy or not.

We wanted to sit on the third floor because it was more comfortable, but they refused us, and told us

"We won't serve you if you sit here"

Ooooook then...

Good food but wish the portions were a decent size.

Would probably go back once the waitresses are more pleasant.


I wish I could go every night just to remind myself of home! I miss sitting at the table with my family, fighting over the roast chicken pieces- the food here helps me survive :)

I'm coming back for some more NZ butter and cheese! So be ready :)

The chicken salad is so yummy and well worth it, in fact, all the food is, but this is my favourite- very satisfying