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  • NameConsulate General of the Union of Myanmar (Burma)
  • Address99 Yingbin Lu, Guandu District Consular Zone, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 68162810
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Consulate General of the Union of Myanmar (Burma) • 99 Yingbin Lu, Guandu District Consular Zone


The new consulate and visa office for Myanmar (formerly Burma) across from the Empark Grand Hotel in Guandu District southeast of the airport.

As of February 2014, the visa processing time for non-Chinese nationals was two days minimum. Visas for Chinese nationals can be processed within one working day.

Bring at least three passport-sized photos, a copy of your flight itinerary, showing a flight out of Myanmar, and proof of having booked at least a night in a hotel in Myanmar, including the hotel's address.



Just went there this week.

The passport-sized pictures must have a white background!
They told me it takes one week for the visa, but they can do it faster. I showed them my ticket and now they do my visa in 4 days.

They dont wanted to see any proof of a hotel booking.