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  • NameConsulate General of the Union of Myanmar (Burma)
  • Address99 Yingbin Lu, Guandu District Consular Zone, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 68162810
  • Websitewww.mcgkunming.org/
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Consulate General of the Union of Myanmar (Burma) • 99 Yingbin Lu, Guandu District Consular Zone


The new consulate and visa office for Myanmar (formerly Burma) across from the Empark Grand Hotel in Guandu District southeast of the airport.

As of February 2014, the visa processing time for non-Chinese nationals was two days minimum. Visas for Chinese nationals can be processed within one working day.

Bring at least three passport-sized photos, a copy of your flight itinerary, showing a flight out of Myanmar, and proof of having booked at least a night in a hotel in Myanmar, including the hotel's address.



Hi FleurH,

The information on gokunming about the Myanmar consulate is accurate. I've just been there today and applied for a visa, and was told to pick it up on Monday.

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 09:00-12:00; 13:-14:00

All you need is your passport& 2 passport pictures.


I am Dutch and living in Chengdu. I want to get a visa for Myanmar in Kunming at the end of January. The website of the consulate of Myanmar in Kunming is under construction and their phonenumber does not work either.

Can somebody please tell me:
If there indeed is a consulate of Myanmar in Kunming.
If yes, is it possible for a foreigner to apply for a visa for Myanmar at this consulate?
How many days will it take for a foreigner to apply for the visa? 3, 5, 7? Is er een possibility of a quick service against more payment?

I find it difficult to find information on the internet and I would really like to go to Kunming rather than having to go all the way to Beijing. If you have information, your help will be very much appreciated!


all i needed was my passport, an address, and two passport pictures. they automatically said it would be ready in three days, and said they couldn't do it faster (though might be able to if your flight is soon).

note the visa hours: M-F 0900-1200, 1300-1400.

you can take a few buses from 菊花村 to right near the consulate _商务. i took the 5 to and then the 170.


I just got my visa today. You will need a passport copy two pictures with white bg and an address at your destination (will not be checked). Foreigners can normally NOT get a visa in one day, plan three.

Good trip