Western grocer and bakery featuring restaurant with nightly salad bar, closed Sundays

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Wicker Basket • Kaiyuan Residential Area, Bldg 11, 1-4

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One of the view places in kunming I like for western food. The salad bar every day (25 RMB) or getting it for free if ordering a main dish for over 30 RMB is great value and has a big variation. Great!


Was recommended to this place for plain wraps, was so delightfully surprised with the goods on sale, the friendly english speaking staff and they will be doing a Christmas Turkey Dinner on the 25th Dec - WOW.

Not eaten here yet but purely on the basis of a little bit of home away from home, this is a place worth finding.


A solid staple in the Kunming expat community...

The staff is super friendly and the food is pretty good.

Dinner entrees include salad bar in the evenings.

Some things to try:

Dinner: Lemon fish, Fajitas; Lunch: Chicken Club, Chili, or Chicken strip salad; Breakfast: American breakfast.

They have a great selection of fresh baked goods like bagels, granola, pies, tortillas, chips, cookies and hotdog/hamburger buns.

There is also a small section of imported products.