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  • Address9 Qianwang Jie, Zhengyi Fashion Mall, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 68369330
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Pizza da Rocco • 9 Qianwang Jie, Zhengyi Fashion Mall


Pizza, pasta, salads and imported Italian wines. The latest location spans the first and second floor of the west side of the Zhengyi Fashion Mall.

Enter from inside the mall or the street that runs parallel to Zhengyi Lu on the other side of the mall.

Every day at Rocco's you can find fresh homemade bread (8 RMB/loaf) and mozzarella cheese (160 RMB/kg).

Rocco's has extended its business time to midnight, featuring live music and offering a wide variety of evening snacks and cocktail as well as convenient combo menus.

You'll have the chance to taste real italian panini, made with homemade Italian bread and fresh mozzarella cheese. Wine by the glass is also available.



I live closeby and I go there regularily. Pizzas are good, it's not as cheap as wenlinjie etc, but as long as my pizza is good I won't complain about a fair price. Service is fine too, not excellent, but smiling a bit, I like this. Nice outside little terrasse too!

One bad point though, I had the cheese and sausage plater twice and it sucks... Hope my review will be heard and that it'll get better next time. 60RMB cheese & sausage plate, I expect better..


I've only been here twice, but both times the service was good, the bread was super delicious, and while the pizza isn't amazing, it was darn good for the price. Honestly, it'd be a three-star place, but their bread bumps it up a star as far as I'm concerned.


For the life of me, I cannot understand why people give the food here such bad reviews. Everything I have ever tried has been better than average, and the pasta is really good. People comment on the pasta's texture, but it is FRESH pasta, people, not dried grocery store pasta. Fresh pasta CANNOT be served al dente. It is already soft when made! I think the pasta critics have never had good, real pasta.


I give it a star only for it's decoration. The food is horrible, served uncooked and rubbery pasta. Then the prices are ridiculous.

Go there, have a coffee and enjoy the atmosphere. Just don't eat anything.


went there a week ago .... and again (and again and again) there was something not alright for that class of restaurant (see the pricing). I used to go more often when it was on wlj but since they moved to where they are now, price is going UP, service is crashing DOWN.

1.meals served separately
2.we asked if possible to eat "together"
3.they took the 1st steak and french fries back
4.and served back cold and hard steak and french fries.
impossible to eat the steak (try to eat your shoes outsole) and french fries totally disgusting
sorry that's not acceptable when you see the bill at then end.