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  • NameMosaic Cafe
  • Address70 Wenlin Jie, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65382391
  • HoursDaily: 9am-midnight
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Mosaic Cafe • 70 Wenlin Jie


A long-time Kunming institution, formerly known as French Café, now under management of the owners of Salvador's.



While it has a certain chic, French Cafe is dragged down by its painfully inattentive staff and uneven food offerings.


It can't be overstated just how genuinely poor the service is at French Cafe.

I stopped by this afternoon hoping to be proven wrong on this point.

I found a table outside (in view of the bar) at 3:08pm.

Sure enough, nearly a half-hour passed (at 3:34) before I saw a menu.

It was another ten minutes before the server took my order.

If you go, be prepared to have to get up and ask if you want something.

And be forewarned: your food may or may not arrive in a timely fashion, and may be totally different from what you expect.

Food & Drinks.

The french fries, naturally enough, are excellent.

Everything else I've tried has been, at best, average.

If you happen to be craving a Quiche Lorraine, they offer a good approximation.

However, for the best experience, avoid ordering a full meal and just go for drinks.

My friends from Montpellier recommend their Pastis.


French Cafe is at its most charming on a Friday or Saturday night with its dim lighting, ambient beats, and a lively but uncrowded international clientèle.

Midweek afternoons are less enjoyable, especially upstairs where it reeks of stale cigarette smoke.

The wall opposite the bar has some interesting posters, particularly the old map of Kunming from a bygone era when the French sought to extend their Southeast Asian empire northward to Yunnan.

Unique Feature.

Its Frenchness.


I agree with last reviewer.

Food is below standard if you ever get it.

The yunnan coffee is pretty good.

This restaurant needs to put all their emphasis on customer service.

Again, if you don't order at the front, good luck.


Only good thing about this place is the coffee, oh yes, and the internet connection.

The food is below average if you can get any service. Seems they forget your order the moment you give it- even if you're the only customer there.


As reported elsewhere, my experience was to order the 'Exotique' salad that was otherwise described as a chicken salad.

I had eaten most of it before I realised that it was sans chicken (actually, I did discover a couple of minute scraps of meat).

When I complained, I was told that they would remember next time.

Next time!

I wanted to tell them that I would pay . . . next time.


I have had two extremely bad experiences with the French Cafe. The food has always been subpar and it seems they just don't try to maintain any kind of quality in the food they serve or the way they train there staff. Their coffee is decent which is about the only good thing I can say. After my last experience there I won't be going back again.