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French Café (CLOSED - expected to reopen soon under new management)

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  • Address70 Wenlin Jie, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65382391
  • HoursDaily: 9am-midnight
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French Café (CLOSED - expected to reopen soon under new management) • 70 Wenlin Jie


The cafe has closed, but is expected to reopen soon under new management.

French-style cafe and Kunming institution.



Personally, I don't think it's out of line to boycott a place for having an unfriendly policy. If there are obviously seats to spare, please don't ask a friend to leave because they have already had lunch. I like company when I eat, and in fact I do enjoy the food at French Cafe, but it just seemed unnecessarily rude, or at the very least unreasonable. Now neither I nor my friend are as likely to return. You can only make so many "anti-customers" before they swing their groups to go elsewhere! Not an injustice, just an inconvenience. Reason enough not to go somewhere in the CUSTOMER SERVICE industry. Too bad though, I have enjoyed a lot of time reading and chatting there; just one experience ruined it.


Aside from the heavy smell of smoke inside while we were trying to eat, it's OK. It would be great if people could smoke outside though, it really ruins a meal.

Both the price and the food are pretty average. I would say the potato chips are one of the best in Kunming. They're nice and thick- real chips!

Drinks are very small, and the hamburgers don't really fill you up though. I still believe the Samoana Cafe is the best place for a burger in the whole of Kunming.

The cakes look delicious there. Overall, it's not bad, but could be better. I'd prefer to eat where there's fresh air, however.