French Café (CLOSED - expected to reopen soon under new management)

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  • Address70 Wenlin Jie, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65382391
  • HoursDaily: 9am-midnight
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French Café (CLOSED - expected to reopen soon under new management) • 70 Wenlin Jie


The cafe has closed, but is expected to reopen soon under new management.

French-style cafe and Kunming institution.



I think the French has changed in a good way. The last time i was there the service was pretty good and it looked like they changed some staff overthere. Earlier on you always had to wait for the waitress to come and they were slow and seemed to be not very happy to serve you. They manage this service part way better now.


I went last night for a western food fix. I was really impressed. I ordered Earl grey tea, chicken and cheese baguette and chips. The baguette was the best I have tasted in China, let alone Kunming. My friend ordered the cheeseburger and really enjoyed it. The prices are very reasonable. Recommended!


Love this place, if for nothing else than their bread. Their baguette is BY FAR the best in the city (yes, I've tried the others). Sure, it's not perfect, but this is Kunming, not Paris or New York.

The service isn't always great, but 99% of restaurants in Kunming have service that Westerners wouldn't like. I've been coming here for years and always been happy. If you notice your food taking too long, walk 10 feet to the bar and ask about it. This has worked for me LITERALLY every time.

Not everyone likes their coffee, but I'm quite partial to their Americano and have been drinking it regularly for ages.

Yeah, some of their sandwiches leave a little to be desired (e.g. the coldcuts are crap, but that's all that seems to exist in Kunming.). The grilled cheese is pretty good *for China* though.


Very nice place, when I was living in Kunming in 2010 I went there almost every day.

About the people: Nice landlords and staff. I really dont understand how some people had problems with them. I had really nice time here, playing chinese chess with chinese friends I made there.

About the food: good enough, very nice cakes,breads and croissant (all made byt the landlords)

About the coffee: Maybe not the best, but it absolutely worht it

About the smoke: Chineses smoke EVERYWHERE, so get use to it.

I put 4 stars because nobody can be perfect ;)