NOTE: The Box has closed down.

About The Box
Some people come in for a drink or two, others are practically part of the furniture. There's a group of people that show up about once a month to have really loud arguments about books, and there are those who have daily drunken conversations on the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything.

Ever since we painted the wall red, we've noticed random strangers coming in. Occasionally there is someone chatting someone up in a corner, someone asking the fuwuyuan for the solutions to their Chinese homework, people talking business, or someone plugging in their Ipod to put their new favourite song on.

Whereas some of these people insist on having the same pizza and a Dali every time, others are making their way through the entire selection of paninis and imported beers and above all imported wines. Hungry students barge in for the lunch specials, couples stop-by for a tiramisu, and another one, and one more, some others stop-by for a gelato on-the-go and locals are blown-away when they discover genuine Italian lasagna and red wine.

Whatever you want to eat, eat, whatever you want to drink, drink, whoever you want to meet, meet. Live outside the box @ The Box.

Everything at The Box is self-made: gelato, tiramisu, lasagne and even bread for panini. We only use the best imported ingredients to fill our panini and to top our pizzas. Also wine and beers are self-imported.

Pizza (Ham, Tuna & Onion or Vegetarian) + French Fries or Vegetable Salad + Soft Drink (Coke, Fanta or Sprite)
38 RMB

Burger (Beef or Chicken) + French Fries or Vegetable Salad
+ Soft Drink (Coke, Fanta or Sprite)
32 RMB

French crêpe (ham & cheese; mushroom & cheese; cheese & grilled vegetables) + French Fries or Vegetable Salad + Soft Drink (Coke, Fanta or Sprite)
RMB 28

with one cup of tea, coffee or fruit juice – 30RMB
with large coffee or fruit juice pitcher - 55RMB

2 Scoops of Ice Cream
with one cup of tea, coffee or fruit juice - 20 RMB with large coffee or fruit juice pitcher - 38 RMB

with one cup of tea, coffee or fruit juice - 25 RMB
with large coffee or fruit juice pitcher – 48 RMB

Listing info
The Box [closed] • 69 Wenhua Xiang, Wenlin Jie



A good place for drinking, not very good food though. poor service and mediocre tasting.


How can people give this hole in the wall 5 stars? some sort of laiwai guilt? Tried it again a month ago, got some lasagna that turned out to be mashed potatoes on some poorly cooked lasagna noodles. We asked about it and they said a couple are mashed potato style but a couple are not. Why in the name of God would anybody think mashed potatoes belong on lasagna? It was about 35 RMB as well if I recall. About 6 dollars for a serving of mashed potatoes. Come on. This place blows


The staff was great and friendly, and even let me practice my very bad Italian. The wine was very good. The carpaccio was excellent. The pizza was truly Italian: the crust is the feature, not the toppings. The toppings are there to enhance the crust. It was delicious. We had mango gelato, which was quite brilliant. We then went downstairs and had drinks with an international group of people at the bar. The atmosphere, food, and wine were great! I will definitely be back regularly!


I tried this place again today. Pleasant service, nice enough shake, good fries but the "German bratwurst" was very poor - undercooked, chewy and seemingly just one small sausage cut up into pieces to look bigger. Disappointing.


I miss the kabobs but the lasagna is still terrific. The staff have been exceptionally helpful the past two times I've eaten there. And the new Mediterranean items on the 'Spring' menu look good as well.