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Check out the first location, still open: UNCLE JOHN'S THE BREW PUB

Uncle John Craft Beer was founded by John in 2014. To learn more about Uncle John, see GoKunming's interview with him.

On top of being a brewer, Uncle John is one of the founders of the China Fine Arts Association and one of the founders of China's craft beer movement.

This new Uncle John's location is conveniently located in the Banzhu Cuiyuan neighborhood above Green Supermarket.

We have more than 16 kinds of beer fermenting in our tanks, and three of them represented in China in the United States at the Beer World Cup.

Come by for our daily happy hour: 100 yuan for any three glasses of beer (500ml).

Listing info
  • NameUncle John Craft Beer (CLOSED)
  • Address11 Hongshan Dong Lu, Backstreet Block Development, floor 2, Cuiyuan International Cineplex, Kunming
  • Mobile13888500050
  • HoursCLOSED
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Uncle John Craft Beer (CLOSED) • 11 Hongshan Dong Lu, Backstreet Block Development, floor 2, Cuiyuan International Cineplex



Horrible. I used to love Uncle John's, but this location sucks big time. The service is really bad and the beers are even worse. I know the taste of the beer that I always order at the other locations, they give me something else and claim that it's my order. When I let them taste the difference, I am given a bullshit excuse like "the sugar is less in this". I should understand the mentality of this location by the lie we have been told the last time about getting a free beer and having to pay for all instead. Thank God, the other location is still there to enjoy.


We've got a new beer place. What's the verdict? Plain and simple: It's great. Great craft beer and I love that they have a 500ml for 25 for the beer of the day each day. Thumbs way up. The double IPA is top notch...I recommend that most, but that's because I'm an IPA addict. Ok that makes me sound like an alcoholic. Scratch that. Anyway, love the beer here. They poured the beer terribly the first time, but they quickly corrected their mistakes; not always easy to train your employees how to pour and respect good beer. Side benefit: Clean bathroom and free wifi.