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  • NameSushi Kitchen
  • Address9 Wenhua Xiang, Kunming
  • Mobile15388833724
  • Hours11am-3pm
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Sushi Kitchen • 9 Wenhua Xiang


Sushi Kitchen™️ has established since 2009.

We offer the first plant-based sushi in Malaysia. We use fresh fruits and vegetable as our core ingredients.

Sushi Kitchen™️ is a place for us to love and reward ourselves. We have taken 10 years to create a menu that perfectly matches modern living standard as a daily comfort meal restaurant :)

寿司厨房™️ 诞生于2009年.


寿司厨房™️是个让您疼爱自己,奖励自己用餐的好地方。我们的料理是经过创办人静心设计与研究10年而成的最适合现代快节奏生活的一日三餐舒适食物 :) 这就是寿司厨房™️对自己,朋友,社会的关爱 ❤️



Honestly the most wholesome place to eat in Kunming. The restaurant's philosophy is amazing, focusing on the environment, producing zero-waste vegan food, serving dishes such as the Global Warming sushi, in order to spread awareness to its clients. The owner of the restaurant, Summer, is the most friendly person ever, and set up the entire restaurant from scratch all by her own. Now she has staff, and the mentality amongst the people working here as well as the way they are treated by Summer is great. Definitely my #1 pick in Kunming if you are looking for some incredibly tasty comfort food and some good company. Would eat here every day if I could.