Sushi Kitchen™️ has established since 2009.

We offer the first plant-based sushi in Malaysia. We use fresh fruits and vegetable as our core ingredients.

Sushi Kitchen™️ is a place for us to love and reward ourselves. We have taken 10 years to create a menu that perfectly matches modern living standard as a daily comfort meal restaurant :)

寿司厨房™️ 诞生于2009年.


寿司厨房™️是个让您疼爱自己,奖励自己用餐的好地方。我们的料理是经过创办人静心设计与研究10年而成的最适合现代快节奏生活的一日三餐舒适食物 :) 这就是寿司厨房™️对自己,朋友,社会的关爱 ❤️

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  • NameSushi Kitchen
  • Address9 Wenhua Xiang, Kunming
  • MOBILE15388833724
  • Hours11am-3pm
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Sushi Kitchen • 9 Wenhua Xiang

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Wonderful and cozy place that serves vegan food. Definitely a must-go if you are in Kunming. They offer great food with an affordable price :) Owner of the shop, Summer has always been very welcoming and warm serving us. Thumbs up and keep it up! God bless!


昆明这个地方是我第一次去,而寿司厨房是我在昆明的第一站和最后一站严格来说就是冲着昆明寿司厨房而定的行程我超喜欢那里的装潢,好舒服哦,是一个放松心情的好去处个人而言食物绝对好吃,我最喜欢开心辣辣面"chuka wakame"。其他的也好吃,就看心情点餐哈哈最后就是女神级的老板娘,人美,做出来的食物也特别好吃我有在计划第二次的昆明之旅,寿司厨房,等我


An amazing restaurant that not only serving flavoursome and mouth-watering foods, but also creates awareness on the global warming issue, saving our mother earth by reducing the impact of climate change, pollutions and rainforest deforestation. They also promoting zero-waste concept by converting the vegetables into enzymes thru fermentation, to use as natural fertilizer, chemical-free cleaner, natural air purifier and etc. All the staffs here are extremely friendly and very attentive. Hmmm.... I wish to stay nearby, so that I could eat here every single day :)


If you love delicious, fresh, energetic and healthy food, you will never want to miss out Sushi Kitchen :) The foods were excellent, good selection of food & super attentive staffs. The staffs were friendly and handled situations extremely well. The ambience was pleasant and cozy. Thumbs up for the foods and service. 100% will come back again, WOW !


They truly served with LOVE, that really touched my heart and soul. This is a place spreading tonnes of positive energy, full of LOVE, mind calming and energy boosting. Definitely will revisit again :)