Richland International Hospital
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  • Address721 Chuanjin Lu, #7 Meiji Factory, Kunming
  • Mobile15812039322
  • Phone(0871) 65645768
  • HoursDaily: 10am-1:30am
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Andy Hull Music Bar • 721 Chuanjin Lu, #7 Meiji Factory


Do you want to dine on a perfectly cooked steak imported from Australia?

Do you want to sample scrumptious fresh-cut and imported Spanish Ham?

Do you want to taste our fragrant homemade craft beers?

Do you want to be immersed in jazz music?

Come to Andy Hull, a place where you can relax and enjoy real Western food, beer and music.

If you want to blend into authentic Kunming life and make friends with local people, visit us today!

We have several activities every week, things like an English salon, complementary craft beer samplings, steak tastings and live music.

We are looking for someone who is good at singing or dancing or musical instruments can show it on the stage. The best performer can get free craft beer, discount all around the year and can cooperate with money.

Wechat: Wyf_7025



在这里你可以结识到一群和你一样追求生活品质的人,他们热情,开朗, 活泼,他们虽然来自各行各业却都有一颗积极向上也绝不将就的心。他/她来了,你还不来吗?



温馨、浪漫、品质、格调、青春、律动。 昆明人的秘境圣地尽在安迪赫尔!




The steaks are awesome, I'm here at this Thanksgiving event they put together. The turkey is free and freaking delicious. This place is empty too, so we are getting gourged on Turkey. They have hotpot now too, so if you are sick of Chinese food but your partner isn't, then this is the perfect place. East meets West.