Kunming Holistic Wellness Center (Kaikibu studio)

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  • AddressXinyue Huayuan, building A, unit 1 room 3202, Kunming
  • Mobile18008714642
  • Hours11am-9pm
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Kunming Holistic Wellness Center (Kaikibu studio) • Xinyue Huayuan, building A, unit 1 room 3202


• Wellness
• Personal development
• Life coaching
• Awareness Through Movement


"How much we are connected with our unconscious determines our quality of life!"

KAIKIBU studio, also known as Kunming Holistic Wellness Center. was founded with the aim to provide a space for those who are in the process of growing up and a platform for facilitators working in helping people.

Our motto: "Facilitating helping yourself". Indeed, we believe everyone has enough inner power to make changes, to heal, to support him/herself, but sometimes, at some point of our life, we need help from someone. Not as a guru, not as a master, but as a helper to see more clearly inside ourselves.

What do we offer to our members:
Group practice and experience:
Various types of personal development oriented workshops and courses.

Awareness Through Movement® regular classes for all ages.
Mindfulness classes to students

Private sessions:
Functional Integration®
Life coaching (coaching, psychotherapy, family therapy...)

What do we offer to facilitators:
If your work is in line with our philosophy and how we see life, you are welcome to come and share your work and events at KAIKIBU studio:
• a space for teaching groups or individuals
• a team who can help you to promote your events
• professional interpretation



Great location. Just a minute walk from Wuyi Lu subway station Exit A.

1. I facilitated 2 workshops here, so as a facilitator this place is perfect for running workshops. Top floor with NO NOISE which was amazing!!
2. I attend workshops here (Feldenkrais with Pascal) Sensational and I'm looking forward to doing more. This particular workshop is very interesting and enlightening. The more I do body/mind work, the stronger the connections get, the more my intuition, happiness and results increase.