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  • AddressLangfang Village, Lugu Lake, Lijiang
  • Mobile18108885432
  • HoursDaily: 24 hours
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Pure Soul Inn • Langfang Village, Lugu Lake


The Pure Soul Seascape Holiday Inn is located at the Langfang village which is famous for the mass medium and high-end hotels. Away from the crowded, busy outside world, the inn is by the river that provides visitors with a fascinating natural view which as a result, urges the natural return of the soul. The inn owns a private car parking area, in addition to the unique lake shore where visitors can enjoy the sunrise at dawn and the sunset at dusk.

The indoor space is built with Loft style and in close proximity to the high-ceilinged winter gardens. Moreover, the canteen, the library, the cafe, the pub and the projection room are completely open to visitors.

The inn also owns an 800 square meters British style garden. When the spring arrives, you unwillingly walk into the Pure Soul garden and feel as if you have been placed in an ocean of flowers.

Lying in the center of the yard is a beautiful pond which creates a perfect reflection of the sky. One of the highlights is that the pond seems like a swimming pool. There is an antique scenic pergola near the pond. Sitting under the pergola, stepping into the ocean of flowers, doing some reading, enjoying the tea, all of that makes you feel like time is freezing and your soul is flying to paradise.

Chaos, pressure, and problems all vanishes at this very moment. Here you feel the body leisure venues and the spirit of the harbor.

Now, it's time to seek for our real inherent pure soul at the Pure Soul Inn.


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