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Chonburi Pub and Restaurant • Xuefu Lu, 9-3-3 Vanke Xuefu




关于酒,当然是重中之重。我们提供来自世界各地的好喝的啤酒,在这里你一定可以找到来自家乡的,或者你情有独钟的那一款。鸡尾酒,相信我们的吧台,里面漂亮的姑娘为你会做出无与伦比的鸡尾酒,毕竟,调酒才是她们擅长的东西,并不是做木工。我们接待来自世界各地的朋友,提供适合所偏好的酒。但我们的原则是,little high 微醺,不要太醉。

关于乐队,我可以郑重其事的告诉你,酒吧里唯一的三个男生刚好是一个不错的乐队,名叫 无敌小黄瓜。来自云南,泰国和俄罗斯,好听的音乐在春五里酒吧从不间断。如果你觉得不够,我们还有备用大杀器,吧台里一个漂亮的妹子,会给你耳目一新的嗓音。这是秘密,来了才会知道的。

不得不说,我们竟敢叫CHONBURI ,一定会为大家提供最正牌的泰国食物,好吃的东西不胜枚举,你只有试一试,才会知道厨师有多用心。

最后,为大家总结,这里有木工,有铁匠,水电工,有乐队,有吧台服务员,有厨师,有漂亮的姑娘,都是这一帮快乐热情的青年。来吧,我们爱CHONBURI ,爱昆明,爱整个地球。

Chonburi Bar
Here is a gang of young people full of vitality, fumbling down life’s different turns, finally found a place of comfort, started a bar that fits our tastes. As you see, these people patiently built the decors, the tables, the chairs, the wine cabinets, and even the bar. The chair that you are seating on is probably, probably used the wood sawed by the cute girl behind bars, nailed and screwed by the Bass player and drummer, finally polished by the chef. We poured our passion on every inch of this place. We love it, and hope you all love it, too.

Alcohol is the spirit of a bar. We have delicious beer from many countries around the world; you are guaranteed to find beer from your home country or the one that always gets your soft spot. For cocktails, have your trust in our bar; the tantalizing bartender will make you cocktails that you can’t resist. After all, instead of carpentry, making cocktails is their profession. We welcome friends from all over the globe, provide alcohol for different tastes. Get high get buzzed, pleazzzzzz don’t get too f***ed up.

For music, I have a important announcement to make, the three boys in our bar just happen to a nice band. Their band is WU DI XIAO HUANG GUA (the invincible little cucumbers). Members are from Yunnan, Thailand and Russia, good grooves will always be in Chonburi. What? That’s not enough, haha we still have our weapon X, the cute girl behind the bar will give you sound that you have never ever heard of. This is secret, come here and see for yourself.

I can’t help mentioning that since we dare call the Bar Chonburi, we promise to make you the most authentic Thai food, you won’t have enough stomach room for so many different delicious dishes here. Only after you try, you will know how diligently our chef is at cooking.
At last, let me do a summarization, here in Chonburi we have carpenters ironsmith, plumber, band, good alcohol and cute bartenders, all of them are happy and enthusiastic youngsters. Come here! We love Chonburi! We love Kunming! We love the whole mother f***ing earth!!!!!!:)



This a good and nice good chill place good music and Thai style food and good service and drinks