Keats School
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  • AddressGreen Lake Park, Shicui Cultural Center, Kunming
  • Mobile 15368171162
  • HoursClosed as of January 2019
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The Park (Closed as of January 2019) • Green Lake Park, Shicui Cultural Center


An authentic Western restaurant and well-stocked bar located at the heart of Kunming's famous Green Lake Park.

Enjoy the sunshine in our large outside terrace set in a traditional Chinese courtyard.

Closed as of January 2019



Fantastic place to hang out. I love the steak. Amazingly was the bbq but is jot anymore...what pity... the buffet instead is soso. But still one of the best places for hanging out.


Great location, relaxing ambiance, and good service. I heard these guys do the best burgers in KM, but my "Hangover Burger" came without bacon, the meat was pretty dry, and it had chewy chunks in the meat. :(