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  • NameDangsters Dance Studio, Chenggong Universities Location
  • AddressYuhua Yuxiu Residential Area, New Era Commercial Area L-206, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65956356
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Dangsters Dance Studio, Chenggong Universities Location • Yuhua Yuxiu Residential Area, New Era Commercial Area L-206


Created in 2002 by a group of Chinese dancers in Kunming, Dangsters is not only an audacious dance company, it is also one of China’s most renown dance training center.

Today, Dangsters is managed by French director Mimane Musa and the Dangsters Chinese original core team. It counts two locations, one in Kunming’s city center Nanpingjie area, and one in Kunming’s Chenggong University town.

The Dangsters Dance Center provides dance classes for thousands of kids and adults alike, and is also involved in many sister activities such as dance shows, video production, etc.






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