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  • Address9 Hongshan Dong Lu, Backstreet Block, building 11-1, Kunming
  • Mobile13844981890 (English), 13608867905 (中文)
  • HoursDaily: 11am-late (see below for kitchen hours)
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Cantina • Wine & Chat • 9 Hongshan Dong Lu, Backstreet Block, building 11-1


Schedule announcement:

Cantina is closed on MONDAYS. Our current schedule is:

Tuesday–Thursday: full menu until 9pm, pizza until 9:30pm.

Friday–Sunday full menu until 9pm, pizza until 10pm.

CANTINA is Italian for WINE CELLAR. WINE & CHAT is the concept. This is the right place to get good wine from a large selection of many types. Meet your friends or make new ones!

Besides wine, we serve many of the most traditional family-style Italian dishes, together with our homemade gelato, tiramisu and much more.



I was pretty excited about this place from all the reviews and ads. But the food was mediocre. Decent but not much flavor. The real problem was the management and service. Our pizza and lasagna took forever and it was cold by the time it came out, a solid 45 minutes of waiting for bland food. Perhaps they're still working on improving their micromanagement skills and I hooe it does but I felt they should have compensated us in some way for the poor quality of service. Maybe it isn't so bad as a general standard out here but this would get you fired for sure if you worked in the US. I'm just trying to save someone the trouble if they're as excited to try this place as I was.


Recently the food seems to be better. Decent steak at a decent price, decent pizza, some decent wine, and the music is more suitable these days (Rammenstein wasn't the right mood music for Cantina)!