The first Burger King in Kunming.

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  • Name[defunct] Burger King (Golden Eagle)
  • AddressF/2 Golden Eagle Mall, Weiyuan Jie, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 68109455
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[defunct] Burger King (Golden Eagle) • F/2 Golden Eagle Mall, Weiyuan Jie

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Update: the prices I mentioned earlier are no longer correct, they have gone up slightly. A whopper is now 21RMB and a regular whopper meal is 33RMB. The chicken burger meal also costs more now.


Ate here a couple of weeks ago. Food was fresh, juicy, delicious...for fast food. Size appeared to standard American sizes - which means rather huge for a whopper - which is good. The onion rings - to die for (bother literally and semantically?) - love those things. If you miss or have never experience genuine American fast food - this is the place. Expect some diversity in quality and performance as the staff come up to speed on quality - however staff were polite and reasonable fast.

Unlike previous reviewers, I saw no signs of rats or other rodents scurrying around the place - although it was daylight. The fries were fresh and crispy. Absolutely and obscenely delicious. I didn't get sick after (as sometimes happens with KFC) - although heavier, fatter, hardening of the arteries...all inching closer to obesity related illnesses.

Cola was also just fine. Good place to take the kids for a treat/break.

Now...where are those Taco Bell guys...and Wendy's!


Disgusting!..Absolutely Disgusting!

We were sick the whole night being dumb enough to eat there.

Plastic flavor, far overpriced 54 kuai for the 2 of the smallest Burger and fries, which were insultingly small for "BIG" fries.

If there were more than 15 fries in there, I would be surprised.
Chicken Burger was almost raw and overloaded with mayonnaise and flavoring.

The whopper tasted like nothing but onion and artificial flavoring.
Burger bun like a puffy ...I don't even know what to compare it to.
What a waste of time and money.

I would almost say it was the worst food i had in the last ten years. Especially having mud-butt and throwing up all night.

At least McD and KFC don't advertise quality and other nonsense, although equally rubbish.

Just terrible!


I had only tried BK in Shanghai before (my hometown doesn't have one) and I thought it was awesome. Kunmings BK isn't as good and way more expensive. Fries were good but really small. A decent burger, but I prefer McD's.



I have never tried BK (in any country) before, I totally thought it would be like Mc.
But it is sooooooo expensive ! Seriously, you can have a full combo at MC for the price of the single burger in BK ! We were quite surprised about that with my friends.
Beside this, I have to say the burger was better than in Mc (but the fries portion smaller), the location is good and the place was clean.

But definitely too expensive for a fast-food restaurant.