The second French Café branch to open in Kunming. Closed down in 2017.

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  • NameFrench Café (Banzhu Shop is closed permanently)
  • Address9 Hongshan Dong Lu, Backstreet Block, building 13-1, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65145755
  • HoursDaily: noon-midnight
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French Café (Banzhu Shop is closed permanently) • 9 Hongshan Dong Lu, Backstreet Block, building 13-1

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The French Cafe is probably the oldest Western eatery in Kunming. Unfortunately, it has complacency written all over it and is badly in need of a makeover. The service varies from indifferent to unfriendly. Good wine and coffee is the minimum you'd expect from a place that bills itself as French but you'll struggle to find either here. There's not much that's French on the menu apart from the croque monsieur. It's only saving grace is that the bread is the best in Kunming, but that's not saying much.


Pretty mediocre burgers accompanied by completely overcooked 'fries'/chips. Drafty, a bit smelly, and infested with mosquitos and noisy teenagers. Soup not bad but nothing special. Nothing French about the decor or atmosphere (there isn't any outdoor seating). Haven't tried the coffee. I hope it will close and be replaced by a decent bar or restaurant. A burger bar with the Moondog chef in the kitchen would be perfect, and with Brooklyn just a few metres away way would make a great little foreign food and drink scene!


Brilliant location, new cafe with pool table upstairs, a cosy and modern feel to it in a park like environment. The owners are the same ones of the Wenlin Jie branch. In summer time they are going to be putting table and chairs outside plus there is also a possibility of a pétanque court outside too, if they can wrangle it with the complex management!

Drinks were good, strawberry tart was awesome. Will definitely be back for the bread.

There is also a New York pizza place going up across the square... could this be the new foreigner area? I would certainly like for it to be as it is a much nicer setting and probably doesn't attract the heinous rents of Wenlin area. Salvadors... I feel you should make the move as well to complete the picture!