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  • NamePaul's Cafe (closed - see Paul's Shop)
  • AddressWenhua Xiang (next to Yunnan University Hotel), Kunming
    昆明文化巷(云大宾馆边上), 鹰王社区生活超巿边上 
  • Hours8am-10pm
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Paul's Cafe (closed - see Paul's Shop) • Wenhua Xiang (next to Yunnan University Hotel)


Closed at this location but open as Paul's Shop around the corner.

See Paul's Shop for details.



I've quite enjoyed hanging out here recently. Very good beer and dood prices. Food quality is variable but they seem to be working on it. Patio is very nice, especially midday to mid afternoon when it's in the sun.


I often go to Paul's Cafe. They have a nice outdoor seating area which is great for studying or relaxing on a sunny day. Good selection of drinks, food and cakes. The French bread is delicious!