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Edmond Yang, attorney-at-law, is a licensed Chinese lawyer, currently working in the Kunming office of Beijing-based Yingke Law Firm.

Since 2005 he has specialized in assisting international investors in setting up and operating businesses in Yunnan. He is capable of conducting commercial negotiations in English and Chinese and is conversational in French.

If you face legal issues or have questions regarding doing business in China, Edmond is available to make your life and business easier.
Prior to his legal career, Edmond worked with the government of Kunming and the municipal Chamber of Commerce, where he was posted to receive international delegations and facilitate projects sponsored by foreign NGOs such as Save the Children Fund UK and Care International.

Edmond has lived and worked in Europe and North America and has traveled extensively around the world for both business and leisure.


Edmond Yang can be reached by the contact info above, or by emailing him:

yangxiuxiong [at] yingkelawyer [dot] com


2505769575 [at] qq [dot] com

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Ruan Jingping and Yin Chunhong helped me secure a certificate of no criminal record from the Kunming Exit-Entry administration while I was here in Canada.

Now that the process is completed and i have the notarized and translated documents needed I am giving them a 5-start review for the following reasons:

1) Understanding local laws and regulations.

Finding updated information about policies affecting foreigners can be quite difficult, Yingke lawfirm has the resources to research these policies and give you up-to-date information

2) Trustworthy. During this process I had to send my current and expired passports to China, this was stressful and I was worried they would be lost. Ruan Jingping received my passport and stayed in close communication and sent it back to me without issue. This law firm is very professional and worthy of your trust with important documents.

3) English Communication
My mandarin is good, but not good enough to navigate legal forms. The Yingke team speaks fluent English and can communicate effectively by Email, Phone, or we chat to answer your questions in a timely manner.

Thank you Ruan Jingping and Yin Chunhong!


I met with Edmond yesterday, 7-15-2013 regarding the new visa laws that went into effect July first this year. There is so little accurate information about this I wanted some help.

How was my visit the their Kunming office? I'm glad to say it was most excellent.

In short, Edmond was extremely well informed about all of the visa laws in general. He was up to date about what was required specifically in Kunming. The very day that I was supposed to visit his office he called the local visa authorities to find out about my questions as well as the present local situation.

He took all the time needed to make sure all my questions were answered, and had even carefully prepared answers to all of the questions I had asked through email before arriving.
As far as prices go, each persons view of what's expensive is different, so I can't really say. But I thought it was very reasonable for the personal care I received.

Finally, they are able to give phone support to help you (or your employer/school) through the entire visa process for a few thousand RMB, and will even provide 'go-with-you' (or your employer) to the various visa type offices to assist communicating and making sure things get done.
All in all, while I've only dealt with them once, but was happy with every aspect of the service. (Plus Edmonds English is excellent).