Posters cost only 110 yuan each!

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1.) TWO POSTERS FOR 200 yuan; 20 yuan in savings!
2.) First 5 people to send us (1) a photo of themselves standing next to their completed poster (2) a short description of how One Language One Poster helped them accomplish their language goal and (3) one creative tip for using the poster, get a prize worth over than 100 yuan!


Memorizing characters can be one of the most difficult aspects of learning Mandarin. One Language One Poster is designed to solve that problem by focusing your efforts on the most useful characters first. We designed this poster using the most up to date high frequency character lists. The characters are then paired with the most accurate English translation (some characters can have as many as 10 translations, we selected only the most common translation). We then grouped them into their respective parts of speech to make memorization more systematic. Memorizing all 1500+ characters will give you 80-90% comprehension for most everyday characters that you encounter. We made it even easier for you by printing the poster on premium grade laminated paper so that you can use a dry erase marker to circle troublesome characters and cross out the ones you have already memorized. It's quite a rewarding feeling to watch your poster fill up with markings as you get closer to accomplishing your language learning goal. This is easily one of the most useful tools you will purchase while learning Chinese. Hope you enjoy!

To order a poster, e-mail us at onelanguageoneposter[at] We will arrange a pickup/delivery time with you (deliveries are an additional 25 yuan to cover taxi/time cost). Pickups are made on Wen Lin Jie 昆明文林街 by French Cafe.

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