Gemen is a unique hybrid between a bistro and a board-game club.

Come discover or rediscover why we have such a good reputation with our chinese customers.

We have two locations to eat, drink and play — wenlin jie and wenhua xiang.

Our Wenhua Xiang location is hidden in the courtyard behind Mazagran — one big space with 2 VIP rooms.


Our selection includes:
- Huge Salads
- Savoury French Pancakes
- Quiches
- Toast Sandwiches
- Omelettes
- 12" italian Pizza
- Traditional baked dishes (i.e. shepherd's pie)

We have vegetarian options in all categories.


- 100% fresh fruit pure juices
- Milkshakes, Tea, Coffee etc...
- 18 Mocktails, some original creations!
- Cocktails, including Jen's big Long Island Ice Tea and our Irish Coffee
- 27 different Beers
- Cheapest Belgian Beer in the street !!!
- Don't forget our Beer Day & Friday Happy Hour


- Bluffing, scheming, backstabbing: a unique and social night out
- Over 200 different board-games
- Don't miss Scrabble night, cheap good beer and free play!
- FREE playing:
— With any Lunch deal (Monday - Friday)
— Monday (student day)
— Tuesday (Beer day)
— Thursday (Scrabble / Tarot)

Listing info
  • NameGemen Game Café (Wenhua Xiang)
    格门 (文化巷)
  • Address6-101 Wenhua Xiang (in courtyard behind Mazagran), Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65521860
  • HoursDaily: 11am-midnight
  • HAPPY HOURMon-Fri 4-8pm 20% off beers and any alcohol
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Gemen Game Café (Wenhua Xiang) • 6-101 Wenhua Xiang (in courtyard behind Mazagran)

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Actually there is nothing Bizarre. French Tarot is NOT the thing english speakers know as Tarot. French Tarot is a very popular card game in France, nothing esoteric about it.

So English speakers play a popular english game while French speakers play a popular french game :)