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  • NameHada Valley
  • AddressNo. 45 Qianwang Jie, Zhengyi Fang North, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 68369006
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Hada Valley • No. 45 Qianwang Jie, Zhengyi Fang North



Hada Valley Honey & Coffee is a nice little café nestled among the historic buildings and shops of downtown Kunming. The café specializes in drinks made from precious Himalayan forest honey, honey-based pastries and honey-infused coffee drinks.

We use only premium forest honey in our products, with no sugar or syrup. Everything is entirely natural and environmentally friendly. Our goal is to allow more people to experience our wonderful honey, and so all of our offerings are sold at a steep discount.

The Café

Hada Valley Café is a unique place marked by the allure of the Himalayan highlands where we source our premium products. In the next few years, we plan to open new branches in Beijing, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and of course, Hada Valley.


Hada Valley Honey is a premium forest honey produced by the Himalayan honeybee. Very little of this honey is produced every year.

Come down for a taste of our delicious honey. Let it fill your body with the revitalizing energy of this natural highland meadow.

Our café is also a place to spread knowledge about honey. It is a part of the Hada Valley Project to protect the Himalayan honeybee. The Himalayan honeybee is the protector of the forest plants found in the Himalayas, and an integral part of the ecosystem. As you bask in the Kunming sun and sip our delicious drinks, you are also taking part in maintaining the environmental balance of the Tibetan Plateau.

Hada Valley Honey is a rare highland forest honey. It is an honor to share it with you.



Really love the cafe, iced honey coffee and story book on the table.

Also tried the soft drink made by pure forest honey and aged Chinese vinegar, the taste was very special.

I was moved by the story that how the owner spend several years to help people know about bees and honey, and understand their relationship with environment and human beings.

Now I'm planning to visit the real Hada Valley near Shangri-La.


Great cafe on the walking street at Zhengyi Fang. Went there on a sunny day (plenty of days at the moment) and the place is bright, spacious, well designed and with an outside seating area.

Lovely place to have a break if you're in the area of the Bird and Flower Market.


Beautiful new cafe, coffee and honey place in the middle of Zheng Yi Fang. All organic products, with most of them available for sale. Great menu with healthy and tasty options. Only one food item available, but it's waffles with choice of toppings. I'm not a coffee drinker, but espresso was delicious. Well done interior space, including hand wall paintings by a monk, since the cafe is owned by a practicing Buddhist. Definitely worth multiple visits.