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  • NameSalvador's Coffee House/ permanently CLOSED per January 2018
  • AddressJinxiu Jiangshan, building A4 108-109, Lincang
  • Phone(0883) 2159213
  • Websitewww.salvadors.cn
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Salvador's Coffee House/ permanently CLOSED per January 2018 • Jinxiu Jiangshan, building A4 108-109


Permanently closed per January 2018

Salvador's Coffee House in Lincang is employee-owned and operated. It offers a unique atmosphere with many of the same treats as in Kunming plus pizza, pool and foosball.



The Lincang iteration of Salvador's has carried over many of the best portions of the original Salvador's menu. The pared down menu also features some local innovations, such as ethic-inspired dishes like Dai-style lemon pork rinds and spicy beef fried rice. More importantly, they have carried over the excellent 4-8pm happy hour, with strong cocktails and Brooklyn Lager and Rogue Dead Guy beers. I haven't been around town to sample other offerings, but I'm going to go ahead and assume they are serving far and away the best coffee in town, too.

My five star rating is relative: it might be a bit lower in Kunming, but considering this is Lincang, they are doing a heroic job of serving great food and beverages in a relaxing and cheerful environment.

The address is a bit deceptive. Jinxiu Jiangshan is a residential complex. But Sal's is not accessed from within the complex. Instead, it fronts on the north side Qishan Lu, between Fengxiang Lu and Baitai Lu, as indicated on the map above.