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  • NameLost Garden Guesthouse & Café
  • Address7 Yiqiutian, Huanggong Dong Jie, Kunming
  • Mobile13888457037
  • Phone(0871) 65111127
  • HoursReception: 8am-10:00pm
  • Websitelostgardenguesthouse.com
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Lost Garden Guesthouse & Café • 7 Yiqiutian, Huanggong Dong Jie


Lost Garden Guesthouse and Café is open once again!

We are offering enormous discounts on rooms until April 30. Please contact us for details!

Our guesthouse and café are currently running on limited hours (noon-8pm daily closed on Mondays). We'll revert back to a more regular schedule as the public health situation in Yunnan progresses!

Check out our weekend brunch here!

Brunch is Saturday and Sunday from noon until 8pm. The menu features tacos and hamburgers, wraps and vegetarian and vegan items. Plus, all of our hand-crafted cocktails, including bloody Marys and mimosas, are 20% off.

Lost Garden Guesthouse is a boutique hostel with two roof-top terraces. Our private rooms feature deluxe beds and bathrooms and all rooms, including common areas, have sub-floor heating to keep you warm in the winter.

We are located in a quiet neighborhood, just steps away from Green Lake Park.

Come visit us and enjoy our unique, comfortable, and quiet little place. We offer a variety of services for travelers including laundry service, airport/train station pickup, and travel ticket purchase.

We have an excellent English speaking staff which can help you in all ways including organizing trips to sites of interest all throughout Yunnan.

Our kitchen serves excellent Yunnan coffee and Western breakfasts. Soon we'll add a more complete menu with some lovely lunch options too.

Come see why we were voted 'Best Hostel' by GoKunming readers five years in a row!



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I also had a bad experience here recently.

Honestly, I wish them the best of luck, but I do think the staff are poorly managed and the owners have the wrong attitude and a clear lack of experience in service-oriented business. While the pizza is OK, everything else I have tried (including overnight stay) can be had cheaper and better elsewhere, and the pizza at Roccos is better in my opinion. The service has always fluctuated between acceptable to don't care.

Since they don't have their situation resolved yet, and it has been a few years, I have made the decision not to go there anymore or send anyone else. It's just not worth the hassle, given the crappy location (masked as private or lost). Better pizza with more quiet and privacy on Roccos' terraces.


Wow, looking at these reviews its seems

very personal. I went and it was nice food,true though the service was bad and no one smiles and takes AGES to come. It seems there's a really unprofessional backlash by staff on here. wow, its the customers right to leave a review and I've never seen such an un-professional response. If my room was not made up for 5 days i'd be just as annoyed, let alone the other stuff. But hey LG is pretty good for food,service is to be desired.


Best pizza in town. Slice of Heaven's a close second, and a better value on their 20kuai pizza Fridays, but overall taste and selection goes to Lost Garden, hands down. I went there for the 3rd or 4th time for the pizza night last week. We sat on their roof terrace, which has been re-done very nicely since the last time I was there. The service was reasonable, and the waitresses even spoke some English! On a previous visit I had a pumpkin soup and a baked pasta, both delicious and well-presented. Anecdote: I was there once on a cold day a couple of months ago and the foreign manager (owner?) made my friend and I hot toddies upon request, even though they're not on the menu, and they were pretty much perfect. I have nothing negative to say about this place.


Funny that educated man's negative review seems to have been completely drowned out by positive reviews. And a response from the employee he called out.

I stayed at LG awhile back. No complaints. For the price you pay the accommodation is good value. The staff all provided good service in my experience.

Duly noted by everyone the pizza is good. In fact every meal I had was pretty good, minus one salad. Nowhere is perfect. Compared to what else is on offer in Kunming, its hard to beat. Will be back for the food.