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We are currently offering up nearly 50% off on all rooms. Please contact us for details!

Our guesthouse and café are now open 10am-10pm Tuesday through Sunday. We're closed on Mondays.

Check out our weekend brunch here!

Brunch is Saturday and Sunday from 10am until 10pm. The menu features tacos and hamburgers, wraps and vegetarian and vegan items. Plus, all of our hand-crafted cocktails, including bloody Marys and mimosas, are 20% off.

Lost Garden Guesthouse is a boutique hostel with two roof-top terraces. Our private rooms feature deluxe beds and private bathrooms. All of our rooms, including the common areas, have sub-floor heating to keep you warm in the winter.

We are located in a quiet neighborhood, just steps away from Green Lake Park.

Come visit us and enjoy our unique, comfortable, and quiet little place. We offer a variety of services for travelers including laundry, airport/train station pick-ups, and travel ticket purchase.

We have an excellent English speaking staff which can help you in all ways, including organizing trips to sites of interest all throughout Yunnan.

Come see why we were voted 'Best Hostel' by GoKunming readers five years in a row!

Listing info
  • NameLost Garden Guesthouse & Café
  • Address7 Yiqiutian, Huanggong Dong Jie, Kunming
  • Mobile13888457037
  • Phone(0871) 65111127
  • HoursReception: 8am-10pm
    Café: 10am-10pm
    closed Mondays
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Lost Garden Guesthouse & Café • 7 Yiqiutian, Huanggong Dong Jie



I am a huge fan of the Lost Garden. I come here often to eat, and as everyone says the pizza is excellent, even for American standards. I also love the gnocchi, Thai chicken salad, soup, and the chicken sandwich. The staff is friendly and accommodating, and the prices are reasonable for the quality.

I also recently stayed here in a dorm room for 10 days and had a great time. The location is excellent, the hotel is quiet, and they really paid attention to details when designing the rooms. The dorm beds are very large and cozy, and there is a ton of storage space around the bottom bunks. The drapes make the beds feel very private. All of the rooms have wifi, and the bathroom was clean and modern.

I have stayed in 6 small hotels/hostels in China and this one was definitely my favorite. And as a Kunming resident, whenever I am craving pizza this is the only restaurant I will settle for! Great job all around.


Environment - excellent 5/5! Great roof top, excellent indoor area, perfect lighting and cosy! I hope your rooms are like this, I will recommend friends to stay!
Food, we had gnochi, Vietnamese salad, mushroom pizza. The Vietnamese salad was the best (lacking some ingredients, but hao chi!), the gnochi was not tasty and tasted like it came from a can or jar or something. Not good.

So I was looking forward to the pizza which apparently is excellent! Well... it wasn't for us. The base is excellent, however we got the mushroom pizza and it had soo much garlic and onion on it, it was pretty much all we could taste. The sauce they use must come from a can or something as it has a metallic preservative taste to it that doesn't add to the flavour. The pizza looked good, but the garlic & onlion overload killed any other taste. We couldn't taste the cheese on it even it was that strong! Definitely no mushroom taste! We didn't finish it.

Make your own sauce (if you already do, change the recipe!). Don't use too much, at times it overloaded the onion and garlic flavour.
A SMALL amount of garlic and onion.
More mushroom or fry the mushroom in a little butter first to bring out the taste.
Perfect base and cheese.
Don't make the pizza topping so thick (you will save money and it will taste better)!

Great shape (loveheart for valentines!) and texture.

So sorry, won't be back for the food for a while, there are much better western places.

The staff are attentive and friendly and bilingual (at least!), however you should WRITE DOWN ORDERS. OK, so you might think its cool not to write orders but forgetting what people ordered is much less cool. A simple order ticket system is needed.


I went there yesterday afternoon with every intention of getting a pizza. But when I got the menu it said very clearly that pizza and pasta are not available until after 5pm (the wood-fired oven has to warm up). Just a heads up to everyone. The brisket sandwich was an awesome substitute for the pizza.


Just had gnocchi in mushroom sauce and a glass of wine for dinner on the balcony in mid-January. Awesome.