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We serve Authentic Indian Food, we want to promote Indian Culture through food, all the ingredients are imported from India

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  • NameSaramati Indian Restaurant
  • AddressA-403 Jianianhua Commercial Center, 288 Linyu Lu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 68391791
  • Hours10:30am-9pm
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Saramati Indian Restaurant • A-403 Jianianhua Commercial Center, 288 Linyu Lu

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Ate here last night - started with an awesome mango lassi and equally good samosas (2 big ones for 15rmb). Got the mushroom mutter and a lamb curry..can't remember which one, had cashews and coconut milk though - delicious!! Lots of meat in it too. My only complaints would be the rice (your basic Chinese steamed rice for 4 rmb - where's the basmati??) and the naan (a bit too dry, and pretty small portion for 10 rmb). The mushroom mutter could have used a bit more kick and flavour too. I'd be interested in going back and trying some other things while they've still got the 15% discount.


I love this place. The owner is very friendly and always makes you feel welcome. The Indian tea is great and the food is delicious. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to taste real Indian food.


If you would like to taste some real Indian food you can go to Kunming Saramati Indian Restaurant, Northside. The place is clean & nice and the food is delicious.


Do they have beef?
I always thought it was bizarre that Indu Cai Cai and Ganesh had beef on the menu. What Indian restaurant serves beef? 100% inauthentic.


We have been several times, and although it is quite far away from where we live, it is always worth it. Aku is very hospitable and the food is generally served quickly. The food tastes authentic with its imported spices and is great value for money. I would definitely recommend it if you want real Indian food.