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About Us
My Favor Restaurant is one of Kunming's top Western fine dining options. Executive Chef Steven Fu has worked in some of China's best-known kitchens, including M on the Bund and Park 97 in Shanghai. His experience and attention to detail are reflected in everything we do.

Food & Drink
My Favor Restaurant offers diners a delicious selection of authentic Western cuisine including seared tuna in black pepper and poppy seed crust, beef carpaccio served with mixed greens and grilled mushrooms, grilled Angus beef tenderloin with foie gras, grilled salmon steak with risotto and a variety of imported steak and seafood options.

We sell fine wines and champagne from top vintners around the world including Jacob's Creek, Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Tamaya, Yellow Tail, Penfolds, Möet & Chandon, Dom Perignon and more.

Our dessert menu features our rich homemade chocolates plus chocolate truffles, a rainbow of cakes and cookies and some of the best tiramisu you'll find in town.

Ice cream aficionados take note: My Favor Restaurant offers imported Dreyer's ice cream from the US and Mövenpick ice cream from Switzerland. My Favor's parent company is the exclusive agent for Dreyer's and Mövenpick ice creams in Yunnan. For more information, contact our sales and marketing department at (0871) 364 2233.

High Tea
Every day My Favor Restaurant offers a high tea special: for 38 yuan you can enjoy a coffee or fresh fruit juice or a bottomless cup of tea – plus our afternoon buffet featuring fruit, salad, and a tasty array of desserts.

My Favor Restaurant is open from 9am to 1am every day of the year, making it one of the best late-night dining options in Kunming. There is a large non-smoking section for those who would prefer to dine in a smoke-free environment. The restaurant has free wifi for all diners.

Special Events
My Favor Restaurant is available for events, banquets and parties. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your next event one to remember!

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  • NameMy Favor Restaurant
  • Address6/F Brilliant Plaza, Sanshi Jie, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 63649168, 63641128
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My Favor Restaurant • 6/F Brilliant Plaza, Sanshi Jie



Somehow we got the wrong idea from the reviews below. We thought they offered an "all-you-can-eat" buffett. But that wasn't the case, at least not anymore according to the waitress. In their menu they had a number of Western dishes, but they seemed rather expensive and we didn't end up have a meal there so I can't give a rating. Just wanted to make sure others don't also get a wrong idea of what is offered.


It's hard to find a reason not to give the 88 rmb buffet 5 stars.

The food selection is excellent and the quality of the food is top-notch.

Some stuff does run out and takes a bit of time to get refilled, but there is so much to choose from. Just keep an eye on what they're bringing out and get your grubby paws on it.

Fantastic value.


This is the first time I've reviewed a restaurant but felt compelled to after my visit to the buffet at 'My Favor' tonight. I saw the buffet advertised on the events calender and then read the reviews posted below and thought I'd definitely have to check it out. Well to be completely honest, I was really disappointed. The reviews below were nothing but praise so maybe I had my hopes up abit but honestly was not really worth the money. Here are my complaints:

1. The whole time we were there at least 75% of the dishes were completely empty or just had some scraps(and we were there for over an hour).

2. Alot of the dishes mentioned in the other reviews were absent and as for the 'Dreyers' ice-cream, well instead we were offered a single scoop of either vanilla,chocolate, or strawberry Peters ice cream.

3. I was looking forward to at least trying the carved beef but it seriously WAS NOT cooked properly. Like in the center of the meat pieces it was completely raw and the rest was pink. The guy still carved it up and served it to me and when I looked at him and tried to point out that it obviously was not cooked properly he just stared at me in confusement.

Overall, again I'm really disappointed and definitely won't be going back.



Accidently fell into the all-you-can-eat weekend buffet last Friday night after being told that the wait for the hotpot restaurant next door was over an hour. Hesitant at first to pay the 88 RMB for fear of bitter disappointment after visiting several 'A'-typical chinese/western buffets prior, however being hungry and cold was left will little option. The food on the first walk of the buffet seemed like the usual fare, although it was the oddities that caught me. Mini hamburgers, boccocini cheese, prosciutto on melon, curried crab, a selection of dim sum, minestrone soup, real bread with butter, 4 types of sashimi, a good variation of sushi, lots of desserts, percolated coffee, and my personal favourite, the really well roasted and carved on the spot Australian beef with a plonk of Dijon on the side. The interior is not my thing but done well none the less, however having what appeared to be the head chef in the dining room calmly directing the action, along with a touch of kitsch in the live piano player made up for any criticism I might have held. Bargain price, where oddly - I left feeling that in some way I had ripped them off.

A gem of a restaurant in Kunming.


Since 4 weeks ago Jimmy Lin (the owner) ad Steven Fu (Exec.Chef) starts 'My Favor' Western & Chinese Bufffet on weekend (Friday, saturday and sunday).
My wife and I visists these buffets from the first time weekly and enjpoyed the wide variety of food, several juices (fresh nothing from can!), coffee, bread selection and - most loved by European people-, the very tasty soup selection (specially the Russian Bortsch) and salads with several souces selection.
Meat carpaccio (I love this), Sushi & Sahsimi, Morzarella (Tomato with buffalo cheese and Basilikum), Ananas-Pizza little more thicker then the Pizza-Salami -very thin and crispy-, several kind of ( bread (I bought these on weekly base 1-2 already).
Several offerings of meat from pork, lamb and beef (sirloin steak well prepared) – served warmly ! – are very delicious totally!
Several pasta offerings for the friends of these Italian specialities are on offer!

Service is very quick and friendly and all buffet dishes are refreshed all the times, so you are never in front of empty plates. Buffet start at 06:00 pm and ends, when none guest are comig more!
Steven is crossing the restaurant permanently, askings the guests demands and satisfaction and checking any things.

Finally as dessert you are getting a ball of Dreyer's, America icecream on your bill (RMB 88/pax!!) voucher besides Steven' excellent pastries finally!
I guess Jimmy & Steve are not able to keep this very low price level for this great buffet for a long time!
So use these opportunity in time so often you are able and enjoy!

Finally music entertainment (clavier) is provided - additional to the elegant environment.
Great - so we are sorry about missing Jimmy & Steven - and their buffet of course! - during our absence for the next months - but happy to enjoy again, as soon we are return at Kunming & 'My Favor'!