Come to As You Like for a slice of Old Kunming charm in an 80 year old family house.

A few minutes walk from Wenhua Xiang and Yunnan Da Xue, Jia Jia and the girls serve up delicious vegetarian food in one of the most relaxing locations in the area.

Pizzas, salads, and home baked treats. liqueur chocolates, unsweetened yoghurt, and the only fresh muesli in town.

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  • NameAs You Like
  • Address5 Tianjundian Xiang, Wenlin Jie, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65411715
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As You Like • 5 Tianjundian Xiang, Wenlin Jie

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Great little place. Don't know about those other comments, but we didn't experience bad service when we visited.

Had a very nice pizza, freshly squeezed orange juice and took home a few loaves of freshly baked bread. So far this has been my best dining experience in Kunming and will be coming back for more. Food is simple yet delicious and made from excellent ingredients. Well worth a try.


Sounds like this girl has preference. She picks the people she wants to be nice with. I went there 2, 3 times with my western friend. she was good to my friend but i was close to non existance when i tried speaking to her. So as a westener you are guaranteed good service from her. I dont go there anymore as i am a chinese. I go somewhere i can get an equal treatment.


Have been to Jia's Jia's place about two dozen times. Love the pizzas, especially the blue cheese one. The staff have always been nice and attentive. The yoghurt with honey is a must! A very quaint place. Perfect to get away from the bustle of Wenhua Xiang and Wenlin

Jie. I often take visiting family and friends here. It's also a good place to practice your Mandarin.


The Chinese girl with African hairstyle is hopelessly miserable. It is not the first time I was there and had to put up with her ignorance. A year ago she wasn't so bad, almost friendly and helpful. But for some unknown reason she decided to look "cool" – no smile – okay fair enough – we don't expect to see the smiley waitresses all the time. But completely ignoring your customers and gave no response is called ignorant and bad attitude.

Not the first time did we ask for something she showed no sign of hearing with no response eventually she brought what we asked. But, hello! Are we not worth of answering and acknowledgement? Do you know this is rude? Have you been taught this is called ignorant?

People have been complaining about waitresses in other places but at least they have their good days and bad days. However this girl has constantly ruined our meal.

One star for the pizza.



The sandwiches, the mushroom cream pizza, the yogurt, the salads, I just love this place! However, I do not understand their hours. They seem to be randomly closed sometimes. Can someone please clarify or is it just a Kunming "we open when we feel like it" thing?