Tenwest Mandarin School

Sports bar located across Jinse Dadao from the main entrance to Yueyatan Park.

Listing info
  • Name1896 Sports Bar [closed]
    1896 运动主题酒吧
  • AddressKangyuan Xiaoqu, Jinse Dadao, Kunming
    昆明金色大道康园小区 月牙潭公园正大门对面
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1896 Sports Bar [closed] • Kangyuan Xiaoqu, Jinse Dadao



We went there wednesday night and we all were very impressed. The atmosphere was great, the place is comfortable and the drink selection was good. Service was nice and helpful.
Fortunatelly we live around the corner. We will absolutely go back there!


Nice place. Good atmosphere, sturdy wooden bars, big beer selection, TV screens everywhere.

Not the cheapest joint in town but it certainly didn't feel like highway robbery.