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  • AddressRoom 801, Building B, Kaiyue Shidai Xiangshe, 28 Baiyun Lu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 63321836
  • Fax(0871) 63321838
  • HoursDaily: 8:30-noon 1:30-6pm
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Kunming Yu-Cong Enterprise Management Co. Ltd. • Room 801, Building B, Kaiyue Shidai Xiangshe, 28 Baiyun Lu



- Foreign Business Registration
- Visa & Work Permits
- Accounting Services
- Translation Services
- Trademark Registration
- Legal Advice

About Us

Kunming Yu-Cong Enterprise Management Company is a Kunming-based firm that offers a complete range of services for foreign and local businesses.
Since our founding in 2006, we have helped companies and individuals from across the globe do business in China, with a focus on Kunming and Yunnan.

What we provide

Whether you are an international company setting up a representative office or wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE), an international NGO that needs visas for foreign employees, a new company registering a trademark, or an established business looking for high-quality visa, legal, accounting, or consulting services, Kunming Yu-Cong has already helped other clients like you and will get the job done in an efficient and professional manner.

Business Services Expertise

In order to provide the best service possible Yu-Cong collaborates with the Kunming-based company Stimulans. An experienced international consulting firm, Stimulans brings expertise in international taxation and legal issues, as well as organizational, administrative, and human resource development for foreign companies in China.

Stimulans has ten years of experience working in Yunnan and has an extensive network in the agricultural and forestry sector.

Contact Yu-Cong

Call or write company founder Max Peng so that he and his experienced team can start moving your business forward:

Max Peng
Mobile: 13608881838
Email: [email protected]



Yu- Cong Mr. Peng ( Max ) Is a rare business man in China, Profesional like him are not around that much.

He opens the doors needed to open and establish a business in China. He is always ready to serve, solve situations and give the right advice.

He is efficient, diligent, correct and honest, he get to put together an incredible team that make our life easy and aloud us to concretizes our expectations.

Is important to hi light his remarkable way of welcoming foreigner, never having any other intention than opening opportunities to both sides in a harmonious atmosphere, just let him know what you want to achieve in China and he will do the rest...Visas,connections,locations,logistic, accounting, government relationship,etc...

Any one that want to be successful in Yunnan must have Max as one of the tools to make things simple, faster and concrete.

His prices are completely competitive, I went around to verify it, no one offers you a better price and better service than Max Yo Cong


Updated review: Having worked with Max in several different capacities over the years, I don't hesitate to say that he is the best choice for any foreign enterprise of any size to register as a business in Kunming.


Yu-Cong Mr. Peng is very familiar with foreign invested company and smartly can do about this kind of related work. Any corporate Clint feel free can contact with him, if need as like related work


Max and his company have been helping me with my company here in Kunming for the past 4 years.
I have never had to worry about Visa's, licences or any other government related issues since.
Max also takes care of all our accounting and tax.
I highly recommend his services.
Not only this but he has become a good friend that won't hesitate to help a lost foreigner in times of need!!


Max at Yu-Cong is professional, honest and friendly and has helped us re-register our representative office for the last two years.

When the constantly changing regulatory climate makes things difficult, Max explains what the key issues are and presents the available options as well as his own recommendations.

After years of being dissatisfied with our previous business service provider, I am very pleased with Yu-Cong's commitment to its clients and Max's straightforward and organized style.

I highly recommend Max/Yu-Cong to anyone considering taking the plunge and starting their own business in Kunming or elsewhere in Yunnan.