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Indian cuisine, bar and warm decor on Wenlin Jie.

Listing info
  • NameGanesh Bar & Restaurant [closed]
  • Address156 Wenlin Jie, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 5381855
Added by chris,



It's okay and the taste quite like the old Indian Kitchen.

In fact their "fapiao" are still "Indian Kitchen".

As I came to dine there during the World Cup, the place is quite packed with chairs and tables though there are only two customers there.


I've been sporadically going to Ganesh since its opening night and so far its a place I will keep in my good books.
Though I only had dinner there once, delicious and fairly priced, I usually attend their happy hour and event nights (Tribal moon's unplugged night). It's quite a good alternative to other places to enjoy a cold beer amongst friends and meet interesting people!!
If not for the food, at least pass by for a drink, plus if you ask they put your favorite song on their playlist if available!!


So I went to check out Ganesh today to try out some Indian food. The decor inside is very simple, elegant, and few paintings of ganesh the indian god.

as for the food, I tried the chicken Tikka Masala, and the monday thalis.
Also ordered some french fries and a separate dish of kashilim? naan.
Ladies & Gentlemen, I left the restaurant full and happy.
Great indian curry, great chicken, great naan and the price is quite reasonble.
The only thing that made me a little unhappy was that I had to wait 25minutes, 46 seconds. No big deal though since the food was so great.
Definitely try out ganesh, if your open to all sorts of food or your a fan of indian cuisine, you'll like ganesh!


i haven't eaten there since the renovations, but am looking forward to it. When it was Indian Kitchen I often ate there and loved everything, and never got sick. I'm looking forward to try the new restaurant, but I can also say some of my friends won't be going there b/c the new name is a religious one. It's not that they're offended but their own religious convictions won't allowed them to eat there. So I can't take a lot of my friends there. I would have loved if the owners had considered that before choosing the new name- maybe the deity Ganesh has a special meaning to them?


There's no denying that this is the most delicious Indian food in town. Unfortunately, every time after eating here we have gotten sick. We've kept going because the food is so great, thinking that our sickness must have been caused by something else we'd eaten, but approximately five times without fail we've gotten sick the very next day after eating here. So, um, unless food poisoning is your thing I'd probably advise against going here.

*Actually feel really bad typing this because the staff are so sweet.