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  • NameGanesh Bar & Restaurant [closed]
  • Address156 Wenlin Jie, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 5381855
Added by chris,


Indian cuisine, bar and warm decor on Wenlin Jie.



Was looking for this place a couple of times. I love Indian food so.... Thing is tho, its not open anymore. Even if its one of the few places listed in the latest edition of Lonely Planet.

There is another place nearby who got some Indian food tho....Cacaja or something....



came here last monday for banger and mash/english breakfast at about 11:30! And it wasn't open, and then a lady came at the door and told me to come sometime after 12, what a let down, I was looking forward to it for a whole week! Ganesh is going down hill!


i really really want Ganesh to be good. we're limited in our choice of Indian restaurants in Kunming, and i'd love to see them all succeed.

but, meet me half way, guys. when my first question inquires if i can eat (i was there mid-afternoon) and the answer is yes, i don't expect to go through the arduous task of ordering only to be told that i'd have to wait 20 minutes for the chef to return from buying vegetables.

why was ordering arduous? "we should have it" is not an answer. don't serve other customers at the same time. write it down. don't run out of stuff that can be pre-prepared and stored, like samosas. and really, why's the chef buying veggies?


after having our indian food at cacaja for a very long time, we finally decided to give ganesh a try, especially since the reviews on gokunming rated it as the better one of the two. all i can say is, it was a pretty stupid decision.
Ganesh’s food is pretty good, more or less the same as cacajas, although i think it’s more pricy.
what really ruined my evening was the service. seriously, worst service I’ve
ever had around wenlinjie. 3 of the 5 dishes we ordered were out of stock, we got some curry stuff instead of the soup we originally ordered, we had to ask for our rice three times(!!!) and when it finally came, the curry was already half cold. Impossible to enjoy a relaxed meal like that. it still makes me angry when i think of it. also i think the restaurant-bar concept is just not what i like, we arrived around 8ish and already had a crowd of beer drinking, shouting people surrounding us, but i guess i could probably even live with that. i think my standards regarding good service arent even that high, but after my experience at ganesh im sure i will not come back-cacaja wan sui!
one extra star for the cheese naan though.