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  • NameSandra's [closed]
  • AddressBeichen Garden Walkway D-7, Kunming
  • Phone15825267010
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Sandra's has closed down.



Sandra's is truly one of the hidden gems of Kunming city. Her love of food, quality of service, and willingness to help the customer are unparalleled in my travels through China. Albeit a new establishment, Sandra's has already established a solid clientele, and for good reason. The dining experience, and overall meat quality is top notch. I ordered four bone-in ribeyes and was told (to my wonderful surprise) that the supplier didn't have (the usual) australian beef, but instead offered us veal at the same price. Her selection of wine, is again, up there with some of the finest establishments in the city. The easygoing and nonchalant atmosphere offer a much appreciated escape from the hectic urban environment. If I could eat here everyday, I would. Cheers to Sandra, a skilled artisan indeed.


Newly arrived in Kunming and feel so lucky to have found Sandra! Fab food, fab atmosphere, fab advice about living in Kunming. Great fund, love it and highly recommend, kisses to Sandra


Sandra has always been so kind and accommodating to my husband and me. I have four pages worth of food allergies and Sandra always manages to come up with something wonderful for me to eat! Often she offers something totally new that I either haven't had in ages or have never had! This is a HUGE blessing to me because with four pages worth of food allergies, food can get pretty boring. Sandra's is always a treat for me and usually my first choice of places to eat when I am going to treat myself to the luxury of eating out!


We love Sandra's. We go there at least once a week, and have for the last 8 months. Not only is the food superb, with a varied menu, and seasonal and interesting combinations of flavors, but we also feel secure that the food is safe for our little ones.... In our lines of work, we know too much about food safety issues here in Kunming, and we know Sandra is very careful about quality and provenance of her ingredients. Of course, we love Sandra and Xiaohua as well, and the atmosphere is lovely.

We probably should start going twice a week.


went there last night and i think its quite good in Kunming. Sandra was a nice host.

I have to admit the steak was a lil overcooked for a medium rare. However, i dun understand why ppl would say its overpriced when its only 160. @laowa, maybe u have been living in china for too long so u think its not worth it? its a set with salad and weidges. U can get steak in walmart but it would cost around 60-90 like that. no offense.

Pizza was good too.

Thanks sandra, we had a great night.