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Sandra's has closed down.

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  • NameSandra's [closed]
  • AddressBeichen Garden Walkway D-7, Kunming
  • Phone15825267010
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Yes, we closed for almost the same reason.

Thanks to all of my customers, who supportet me over the past 3 years!


My wife and a good friend of mine ate there last weekend during the "all you can eat bbq" and it was really nice. The home cooking style of everything was really great and the duck was quite tasty. Sandra chatted with us for quite a while and I really appreciated the attention she gave to the food, to her place and to us customers. She let us take home leftovers which is not exactly common on an all-you-can-eat night. Many thanks for a really nice evening.


Sandra was a wonderful host this past saturday. She shut down the place for our gathering and made amazing 'Dash's' Pizza for everyone, also great sandwiches and scrumptious chocolate-dipped strawberries.
The wine was plentiful and the ambiance was perfect.

Dash and I frequented here alot to relax with good food, good drink and good people.

Sandra, another amazingly executed meal and night that Dash would have loved :)