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Wangtianshu Restaurant & Deli offers Jinghong's highest quality Western and Asian food.Wangtianshu was founded by the owners of Yourantai B&B.

From Coq Au Vin, pasta with homemade pesto and Italian thin crust pizza to the flavor of Banna - Southeast Asian dishes such as spicy salads and Dai-style chicken.

You can taste the difference in our homemade ice-creams and jams made with fresh tropical fruits and 100% natural ingredients.

Relax on our sunny terrace and enjoy French crepes or a more traditional bacon and eggs or Swiss muesli breakfast. And great coffee, of course.

Alongside our restaurant we run a world class bakery and deli to stock up on your favorite sourdough breads – we bake four varieties and all get raving reviews from locals and westerners alike.

Cake lovers come for miles to feast on our chocolate, banana and famous cheesecake. These are available by the slice or order a whole cake to take home for a special occasion.

In the deli shop we have all your favorite imported foods – Italian prosciutto, up to ten different European cheeses, a quality selection of the world's best wines, reasonably-priced and a range to suit all budgets. For the real sweet tooth we've got chocolates and even Toblerones.

Wangtianshu is the perfect place to stock up on the best food for your trip in Xishuangbanna. Or for any dinner occasion - we're perfectly suited to host large groups or parties, so please just give us a call or drop in to see us.



I couldn't be happier to have found this place on my cycling ride from Kunming into South-East-Asia. It's location is quiet, the staff are friendly and the beer is cold.

But most of all, I got my calories replenished with great food. And when I say great, I mean awesome. Hungry as a wolf, I ate more than 15 of their dishes in five day's time and kept coming back for more. Their bread and sandwiches are as good as back home and that means something coming from a Belgian. Their pizzas have excellent crust and filling, the spaghetti tastes like it should.

I tried to find their weak spot so I ordered up a Chinese dish a couple of times, but the tender pork meatballs with cabbage and the spicy pork rolls were almost orgasmic. As for desserts, the chocolate cake is good, but the cheese cake is divine. Wow!

Their specials are served in an optically pleasing way but were a little on the small side. Upon informing the owner, though, he ordered the amount of meat and ingredients to be increased.

This bakery-turned-restaurant obviously has its money on quality and quality it delivers. I hope the good reviews that this place has duly merited are no reason for it to slack.

I will definitely be back.


Happy New Year Everyone!
Well I just got back form JingHong where I had a fantastic Xmas dinner at Wangtianshu! I opted for the Coq Au Vin which came with wine, cheese cake and coffee and every part of it was top notch!

For those of us who have been in China a long time the yearning for a real taste of home and genuine quality western food can get quite stong - either that or fade into a distant memory... But I can honestly say that this was the best Xmas dinner I have had in China in the last six years.

I often go to JingHong and I really love the place - the weather is great and the people laid back and friendly. I have many friends there and have spent many a drunken night on Manting Lu. However, as any one who has hung out there will know the only real place of any quality in the Manting Lu area is the Mei Mei Cafe and for regulars in JingHong this can become on big deja vu after a while. Don't get me wrong I love the Mei Mei but Wangtianshu offers a real welcome change and adds real quality to the JingHong options list.

A number of things stand out for me with Wangtianshu:

1. The Bread - OH MY F&^**ing GOD! Amazing!

Their sour dour bread is really fantastic and I can happily knock down a foot long baguette stuffed with cheese, salami and lashings of mayonnaise! If you go to Wangtianshu for any reason it should be to just taste real bread! This goes the same for all their baked products and their cheesecake is unbelievable - and I don't even like cheescake!

2. The Pizza - see above expletive!

As with their baked products - the pizza dough is unbelievable and it is actually the closest thing to eating a genuine rustic Italian style pizza in China! 1st class!

3. Beer & Wine! They now stock draught cans of Pauliner and other German beers along with a fantastic and reasonably priced wine list so a civilized drink is well on the cards.

4. Great coffee!

From what I know Wangtianshu i sunder new management and they have really got their act together now. It is unfair to compare it to the likes of Mei Mei and the rest of the Manting fayre because it is actually a different animal! What it is is a deli bakery - come Bistro! And it offers a quiet, civilized respite that is a cut above the others regards food and atmosphere. It really is a place where you would go to get away from the crowd and "Treat yourself"!

As far as price is concerned the sandwiches, coffee, pizza etc... are all in the same price bracket as Manting Lu.

They do however, have pricier options - but pricier means better quality and the generosity of portions make it a great value meal that you will remember very fondly and undoubtedly want to return to!

They also have a great deli section so you can happily bring yourself back a sackful of cheesecake, cheeses, bread, olives, wine blah blah blah blah blah - he says as he stuffs his face with a mountain of emmental....

So stop being a moaning minnie - shake off the winter blues and get donw to JingHong - sort yourself out and give it a shot.....


it was a little haphazard when i was there there other day after rolling in from East Bumblef$#k, Yunnan - no cold Bitburgers (but Beerlao was an acceptable replacement) and staff insisted on showing off their English, which ultimately proved not to be up to the task, rather than listen to my Chinese. wee bit on the pricey side too, especially given the competition up on Menglong Lu.