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  • AddressInside Laowo Xiaochi, Yunyi Xiang, across from Mayuan Xiaoxue, Mayuan, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 68336910
  • HoursWednesday-Monday: 8pm till late
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DT Bar • Inside Laowo Xiaochi, Yunyi Xiang, across from Mayuan Xiaoxue, Mayuan


Local dive bar (used to be Laowo Bar) with large stage located across from the Yunnan Art Institute front gate - popular with Kunming's art student scene.



This is an interesting place.
Nice music, atmosphere and reasonable prices.
It's a pity they don't have a wider selection of drinks.


I went to Laowo Bar for the first time saturday for the Tribal Moons and others gig. It is a nice big place with a balcony surrounding the central area and the rather big stage has room to dance in front of it. The sound was great and at just the right volume that is so hard to find. You can actually have a conversation in the room if you want to,, nice.

Small Dalis were 5 kuai so that is very reasonable but they had little else to offer in the drinks department. I saw a bottle of vodka and half a bottle of whiskey on the shelf but it obviously wasn't something they prioritized. It's all good though.

I dont know if it was because of the bands but there seemed to be as many foreigners as locals at the place so I guess it is an expat hangout.

I'll definately return to Laowo. It is one of the better places to go here in Kunming imo.